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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if the Trancas Jacket is warm enough for when the weather dips below degrees. You said you wear this in NY, but what are the average temperatures there? Where I live the Winters can go down to -13 or -15.

    Thank You

  2. Dear Hollie:

    I’m so sorry for the very late reply. I guess I had answered someone else’s (but very similar sounding) question. We had a very mild winter here in 2015-2016 but we’ve had below freezing temps in the past… definitely not as low as yours. I couldn’t dare say with 100% certainty that it would be suitable for your particular climate. I have worn mine when it reached 0 degrees Fahrenheit and I was fine with a fleece jacket underneath and the usual winter accessories. I’m not sure if this helps? For temps as low as yours, I would recommend something from Marmot or the like… ski jacket brands to be on the safe side. Keep warm and thanks for writing in!


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