Choose to Reuse!: Earthwise Bags

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Several months ago I purchased a few reusable mesh produce sacks with drawstring cords from my local supermarket.  They are made by Earthwise Bags.  I am pleased to find that these bags have been doing a great job keeping my produce neatly separated in each of my fridge drawers.  When I first began keeping house, I didn’t quite understand that the plastic produce bags encouraged rot by trapping in moisture despite the unsealed tops.  They have been handy in temporarily storing onions, any fragile type of vegetables like broccoli florets, cilantro, cauliflower florets and keeping them all neatly contained.  I also love to organize groups of the same fruit in these bags.  On the packaging, it suggests that you can wash your produce prettily easily in them, although I haven’t tried this.  I normally rinse out the mesh bags under running water and leave them on the dish rack to dry, though the packaging states they are also machine washable.  I wonder if one can use them to spin water out of rinsed salad greens?  They are very handy to have and I’m glad I gave them a chance.

*Photo Credit: Earthwise Bags

Godinger Cupcake Sweet Shoppe Candy Dish

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It’s finally here, my Godinger cupcake Sweet Shoppe candy dish.  It’s a good size for candy, cotton balls, Q-tips, lip balms, etc.  I ordered it from Beyond the Rack, on sale, of course.  It’s really cute, measures ~ 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.2 inches, and weighs 2.5 lbs. (feels fairly heavy but I don’t mind at all).  I’m planning to fill it with candy and lozenges.

*Photocredit: MACYs

Keep in Mind Lovely Soaps & Such for Your Kitchen…

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My recent trip to the NY Botanical Garden’s bookstore led me to a luscious table laden with prettily packaged kitchen and garden soaps by Horto Botanico with the most delicious scents.  As much as one’s pantry needs to be well-stocked with food and drink, so too are soaps and the like as important.  The kitchen is very much a second home to me in that I can be found here most evenings so I’m beginning to think of this room a bit differently and wanting to put in nice little touches (no different than a bedroom or an office).  The kitchen is a room most lived-in, well-loved, and may I dare say the heart of many homes so the choices we make in decor and detail should reflect this.

*Photocredit: NY Botanical Garden Store

American Country Home Store

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I was looking for Comptoir de Famille table linens a couple years back and discovered American Country Home Store was one of their many stockists.  I also love ACHS’ beautiful yet quaint cottage furniture.  Their website is definitely worth a gander.

*Photocredit: American Country Home Store

Hillhouse Naturals

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I always find wonderful little treasures at the New York Botanical Garden’s book/gift store.   This time I picked up a Hillhouse Naturals Bloom sachet for my closet.   It’s an enduring floral fragrance.  Love it!  It’s the best sachet I’ve ever purchased.  Please visit their website.  They carry a wide selection of home fragrance products such as potpourri, candles, oils, fragrance mist, sachets, pillar candles, and even have a body care line.

*Photocredit: Hillhouse Naturals

Nifty Cutting Boards

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I saw these Core Bamboo cutting boards yesterday and wanted to blog about them.  Really great for a serious cook who wants a well-equipped kitchen beyond basics or has lots of extra storage space in his/her pantry or basement.  I have to pick and choose what’s the most important me.  Space is of the essence.  I can picture my husband’s folks or aunt owning one of these; they’re fairly serious epicures.

*Photocredit: Ideeli

Rediscovering Blue Q

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Included with my recent Tracy Porter ring purchase, was a Blue Q “I Love You” pack of gum (sort of like Chiclets). Of course I had to take a quick look at their website and realized that it was a carrier of lines which I’ve loved in the past. The brands I’m referring to are Dirty Girl, Miso Pretty, and Boss Lady which are sold in any Rickys New York store (beauty etc store). Love their lip balms! Keep them in your bed side drawer, purse, or coat pockets =)

*Photocredit: Blue Q

Symphonie Etched Glass

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Love these etched glasses by Comptoir de Famille! I don’t believe that casual diningware or the like must match. I already have the ones by Tord Boontje and wouldn’t mind owning these as well. Both are handwash only, which doesn’t matter to me since I get to enjoy their beauty- well worth it!

*Photocredit: Cambria Cove


Skunk Mug

October 19th, 2008 Posted in Kitchen, Trips | 2 Comments »

We bought this really cute skunk mug from an artisan shop in Wellfleet, Massachusetts during our recent trip to Cape Cod and Nantucket Island. Not sure if my mother-in-law noticed the critter in the cup? My husband and I were chuckling that she seemed to barely notice.

Pretty Dinnerware & Glasses

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I love Horchow’s Fleur de Lis dinnerware! It’s accented with textural fleurs-de-lis, made in Portugal, handcrafted in soft tones of pale blue or cafe au lait, and dishwasher and microwave safe. I am still using my Sango Nova Brown set and like it very much, but I can’t deny the Horchow set is really pretty. I’m just fantasizing right now =}.

Another thing I admire is Tord Boontje’s drinking glasses. They are so beautiful. I think of them as art. While they are not dishwasher safe, I believe they are still worth it. I actually love washing dishes- it’s relaxing for me, so of course I would never mind washing these drinking glasses.

Below is a picture of my favorite bowl. It is the perfect size and is dishwasher & microwave safe. I use it so often I usually just handwash it so I don’t have to wait long to use it again (silly me) =}. I purchased it from Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center, NY. This is an example of one of those less guilty pleasures =)… I love it and use it often.

I also love Coaster Notz by Modern-Twist. They are really practical and pretty.