Pier 1 Hayworth Vanity Pieces

November 3rd, 2010 Posted in Decor, Furniture | 2 Comments »

Every once in a while, Pier 1 can pleasantly surprise me.  I adore these furniture pieces which are part of their Hayworth Collection.  They look more expensive than they really are and can spruce up a plain room in a very pretty way.  I believe any of these can be combined well with a shabby chic sensibility.

*Photocredit: Pier 1

American Country Home Store

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I was looking for Comptoir de Famille table linens a couple years back and discovered American Country Home Store was one of their many stockists.  I also love ACHS’ beautiful yet quaint cottage furniture.  Their website is definitely worth a gander.

*Photocredit: American Country Home Store

Dream Closet

April 23rd, 2010 Posted in Closets, Furniture, Home & Garden, Organization | 2 Comments »

I actually overlooked posting about my dream closet.  These are similar to Rachel Ashwell’s French armoire.  If you are lucky enough to have high bedroom ceilings, love French or shabby chic furniture, and are able to splurge on luxury I’d definitely say run out and get this!  I’ve been told by antique dealers that these armoires are hard-to-find and can cost $3500+ but don’t let that hinder you =)  The first picture (armoire with exterior mirrors) is my favorite; a two-in-one.  The last closet pictured with wood frame and see-through glass details I’d imagine to look beautiful filled with neatly folded pastel linens and things.

*Photocredit: Various Resources

Makeup etc. Re-Organization Ideas

February 24th, 2010 Posted in Closets, Cool Gadgets, Furniture, Home & Garden, Organization | No Comments »

My efforts to re-organize have been long overdue. I used to keep my makeup in train cases or plastic boxes… An okay solution if you have ample living space. Since my area isn’t spacious, I had to rely on vertical storage. I found a fairly reasonably priced storage unit (Castela) on Target’s website that’s perfect for small spaces and apartments, that’s also attractive to help store things like makeup, nail polish, socks, backup toiletries etc (small items). It also protects my things from getting too dusty. I used small box lids to act as dividers. It’s been working well so far in keeping everything neat, colors and labels visible. I’ve placed books on top so I cut-to-fit a brown drawer/shelf liner to protect the wood from scrapes. Just wanted to mention that the Castela is pretty small (sort of like the size of children’s furniture). If you need a big shelf with drawers, you may be disappointed. For eye pencils, mascaras, and the like, I used an old Pottery Barn spinning desk organizer to keep similar items together (I will include a pic when I get a chance). I suggest places like Target, Marshalls, Michaels/craft, The Container Store, Ikea, office supply, 99 cents/dollar/discount stores, and eBay to look for inexpensive storage solutions. Please comment if you can recommend any others I have not covered. Thanks to all the numerous You Tube makeup and organization gurus who have inspired me. I dedicate this blog post to you.

*Photocredit: Target & NYCupcake

Anthropologie Updates B

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Shabby Chic Beautiful

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I love Rachel Ashwell’s bedroom decor. She has the most AMAZING french-style closet in her bedroom too (buy her book so you can see for yourself; it’s Marie Antoinette worthy)! Rachel has great instincts for interior design. Her home is so charming down to the smallest of details. I hope someday my home could be as compliment-worthy (a team approach is necessary to make that happen).

*Photocredit: Shabby Chic

Beautiful Vintage Shelving

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I’ve gone to a couple of antique shows during this summer. Lots of cool stuff but I do have to limit what I bring into my home. The lack of space is definitely an issue. One day I was bored and decided to look up a URL on one of the business cards and found this beautiful corner shelf featured on their site…

Sleep & Study Loft

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I saw this item in a Pottery Barn Teen catalog recently. It looks so cozy. Lucky kid who has a room big enough to fit all this. When I was growing up, I considered myself lucky to have my own room (regardless of how small it was). I remembered sharing space with my sister for several years when we still lived in our old Queens apartment; needless to say there were quite a few arguments.