Everything’s Coming Up Coldwater Creek

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While searching for a small sea biscuit/sand dollar to complete my plans for a future beach-themed terrarium, I found a darling versatile ivory seed bead bracelet by Coldwater Creek.   I’ve often wondered about this brand…  Can I say Talbots meets Peruvian Connection?  Well, that’s my initial impression (all good) without having ever stepped into any of their stores (mainly because of location to me and nothing else).  I believe Meryl Streep’s character (Kay) in the movie, Hope Springs worked in CC sales.   A likeable character and an equally likeable brand.  I will have to visit a store someday should the opportunity present itself…

*Photocredit: Coldwater Creek

Another Short Segment on Storage…

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While browsing on Amazon.com, I found these amazing mini drawers perfect for storing small cosmetics or trinkets & charms…

*Photocredit: Amazon


Barbara Bixby’s Paisley Pavé Ring

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One of my Valentine’s Day gifts from my husband was a gorgeous paisley ring by Barbara Bixby.  I’ve never seen a design quite like this one; it’s very unique!  I love it; definitely a go-to item!!!  Here is a description of the ring…

Paisley Pavé Ring

“It’s very difficult to make this domed, inlaid stone that’s obviously custom carved to fit into this shape, and to inlay the 18K gold and pavé section in the middle is a testimony to artistic craftsmanship. The softness of the blue chalcedony is enhanced by the 18K gold bezel and sparkling blue sapphire pavé. The graceful shank has two 18K gold signature flowers symbolizing spiritual awakening. As I thought about the traveling gypsy caravan, I loved the idea of using the paisley motif, as it’s a prevalent design motif in India where the gypsies are said to have originated. It represents both the time of harvest and the harvest of spiritual knowledge.”  —Barbara Bixby

“Paisley panache. A blue chalcedony gemstone in a bold paisley design takes center stage atop this sterling silver ring. Within the paisley design is an 18K yellow gold border framing stunning bead-set blue sapphires. A unique design highlights the bezel and shank, while 18K yellow gold flowers dazzle on the shoulders and a sterling silver flower blooms at the bottom of the shank. From Barbara Bixby.

  • Sterling silver, 18K yellow gold
  • Gemstone weight is not given for blue sapphire and chalcedony
  • Oxidized finish
  • Sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Measures approximately 7/8″L x 3/4″W
  • Box, pouch, romance card
  • Made in China”


*Reference Source: QVC.com

Piercing Pagoda

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I finally worked up the courage a few of months ago to get a second set of piercings so I could finally wear studs and hoops.  “Courage”; since I had bad memories from when I was nine and received piercings for the first time which hurt terribly for a week (kept me up at night).  I visited Piercing Pagoda at Danbury Mall, Connecticut on a whim after my first horseback riding lesson.  Hey, I was on a roll crossing off things on my Feed Bucket List ;).  I was inspired, thanks to my friend, Domino.  I was second on line to receive the piercings; the previous customer was a poor inconsolable little girl.  Since they needed more time to calm her, I decided to display shop.  Piercing Pagoda has so much lovely jewelry to choose from!  It wasn’t easy narrowing my choice of hoops down to the earrings I bought.  I finally decided on a beautiful gold twisted style pair (similar to the sterling silver ones pictured).

*Photocredit: Piercing Pagoda



Just for Equestrians!

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My love for horses and horseback riding has led me to three websites of interest I’d love to share.  Silver Pony Designs (jewelry), The Equestrian Corner (gear), Back in the Saddle (gear), and HorseLoverz (gear).

I received two lovely pairs of silver earrings and a gorgeous silver necklace by Silver Pony Designs from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to-be as Christmas presents.  I’m so thankful and will treasure these gifts always ♥.

*Addendum: February 15, 2012

Just received my Thinsulate lined riding gloves by Thornhill.  Love them!  Now I’m hoping to find an unlined pair to wear during the warmer seasons.  Here’s the link to Thornhill.

*Addendum: July 31, 2012

A few weeks ago I purchased Equi-Star pull-on breeches via Amazon.  They are very comfy, with a drawstring at the waist, and were reasonably priced.  We will have to see about wear and pilling.  I wish they came in more colors than just light beige and black.  I would have liked to see the pants offered in a dark tan as well and but will need to be content for now.

*Photocredit: Amazon.com, various sources.

London Accessorize Haul

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One night after a nice dinner at The Platform Bar & Restaurant in London (which I highly recommend), my husband and I walked across to admire the beautiful view at the promenade.  Unexpected to me, sandwiched in-between was a large shopping arcade.  I peeked into the store’s windows wishing the shops were still open (Boots, a cute British bookstore, clothing boutiques, and Accessorize).  The next morning was a race to reach Coventry at a decent time so it would not have worked out =(.  I also didn’t want to seem petty and kept quiet about this; after all we were on holiday, not a shopping expedition.  I knew that the last leg of our trip would bring us back to London before our flight home.  I secretly hoped that we could visit this arcade again and felt that if this was meant to be, it would happen.   My wish came true when my husband announced he wanted to tour the HMS Belfast (which was practically paces away).  Accessorize, as its name implies, is an accessories shop similar to our Claire’s or The Icing in the United States or New York with equally charming and inexpensive bits and baubles.  My husband didn’t have to mention it twice when we walked by that day so I raced in.  These were my loveliest of finds…

*Photocredit: NYCupcake via iPhone 4

*Haul pictures to post soon!  Check back please!

Rachel Roy’s Koala Bear Ring

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I’m still forming an opinion on Rachel Roy (not too familiar with her brand yet).  Her Koala Bear Ring has definitely given me a great first impression.  Koalas are dear to my heart; they are furry little lovable creatures.  I’ve never seen such a cute statement piece before; rarely has a koala bear appeared in fashion so this is very special indeed!..  Antique gold and crystal- sounds divine =).  You already know my love for Kenneth Jay Lane so this is to no surprise.

*Photocredit: Rachel Roy

Wild About Pono

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I knew that lucite and resin jewelry were making a comeback but Pono is extraordinary.  I’m so nuts over their chunky beaded necklaces and wooden bangles.  Totally chic!  Below are some of my Pono Annex favorites.

*Photocredit: Gilt

The Amias Project: The Barabaig Tribe of East Africa

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I found out about the Amias Project and the Barabaig tribe about two years ago as a result of a Google search for something relatively unrelated.  Below is an excerpt from the Amias Project website about the organization, their mission, and the Barabaig tribe:

“For centuries, the nomadic Barabaig tribe of East Africa has roamed the plains and savannas, adorning themselves with beautiful rings, bracelets, and jewelry. Through the Amias Project, the Barabaig now want to send their beautiful things and their stories around the world.

On one return to Tanzania, Nichole Smaglick, founder of Amias and Another Land, was reunited with a wise, old Barabaig woman named Udada. She gave Nichole a bracelet and told her, “When you go home, use this to tell others about me.” With that, the idea of Amias was born.

Since then, the project has mobilized over 200 Barabaig men and women in central Tanzania to design and craft jewelry and handbags inspired by traditional fashions. The project aims to uplift and empower traditional culture. It also helps generate significant income and educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

Amias and its fair trade mission have allowed families to find stability in a region wracked by hardship and frequent drought. More parents now send their children to school, and they have enough food in times of need. They are increasing their livestock and making plans for the future.

Amias, in the ancient language of the Barabaig, means “beautiful.” So when wearing Amias jewelry or handbags, always remember that you are wearing hope, the story of the Barabaig, and something beautiful.”

*Photocredit: The Amias Project

Jacquie Aiche Rings for a Layered Look

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I love her Diamonds & Gold Collection for a layered look with mid-sized floral or pyramid rings.  Her twisted waif rings look especially great for this purpose (third pic).

*Photocredit: Jacquie Aiche