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Artist Michael Sowa

I started to take interest in his work before beginning this blog so I almost forgot to mention him. He is one of my favorite contemporary artists to the point where I’ve decorated my study with his artwork. He was featured in my #1 movie “Amelie” starring Audrey Tatou and Mathieu Kassovitz. I have been thinking about his artwork recently. My brother-in-law bought me “The Little King December” (by Axel Hacke, illustrated by Michael Sowa) off my Christmas wishlist. I also attempted to find an iPhone compatible download of “Amelie” but was met with disappointment =(. Without further adieu…

*Photocredit:, Michael Sowa, “Amelie” Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Ghost Town & Stranger Than Fiction

Two examples of movies I thought I would potentially dread but turned out to be so impressive in so many ways e.g. great acting, great storyline and script, and character development. I’ve learned that it’s best to keep an open mind to other people’s “likes”; to be able to give everything at least one try before closing your doors to it. Thanks to my significant other for opening up a world I would have passed on if I was still set in my old ways. I highly recommend both these movies; they are delightfully existential…