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On a Cold Winter’s Morning…

There are two things I cannot do without to begin the day right; a hearty breakfast and rejuvenating tea.   I am not much of a morning person but when I am fortunate enough to fit these things early into the day, it really doesn’t matter.  My nutritionist once said, a daily balanced diet should also look like an inverted triangle with breakfast being a bigger meal while dinner, a smaller one.  He was right.

I took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada this summer to attend my first Star Trek Convention (amazing!)  The hotel we stayed at served one of the most delicious teas I ever tasted; it was Organic Chamomile Blossoms by Tea Leaves.  With or without a sweetener, it’s superb!  It’s a great anytime drink with an added plus that chamomile has natural healing properties and is caffeine free.  I also love to end my day with a mug of it with a few pebbles of amber tea sugar thrown in.

So tea enthusiasts, add this delectable tea to your tea chest…

P.S. Makes a great gift…  I recently gave a few packets (tied with thick organza ribbon) and tins away as Christmas treats.

*Photocredit: Tea Leaves


Tea Forte

Right now I’m sipping Tea Forte‘s Orchid Vanilla as I’m typing, questioning what took me so long to try this brand? It has a very gentle flavor, calming and relaxing with a hint of sweetness. To me, that’s perfect. I treated myself to their Dolce Vita Ribbon Box sampler set from a Ruelala sale (where today’s pyramidal sachet comes from). Can’t wait to try the other flavors! Ode to living the Tracy Porter life. There’s no way to properly convey how delicious this cup of tea is so you must try it and judge for yourself…

*Photocredit: Tea Forte

Green Tea with Brown Rice

That’s my choice of drink to help me unwind at night. I really should make it a nightly ritual. The best aspects of green tea with brown rice… one can easily find it in Mrs. Greens or any well-stocked American supermarket, Hong Kong Supermarket, and I suspect Ten Ren Tea shops and this tea could be served cold or hot. If served cold, obviously allow the tea bag to steep a bit longer. You can actually leave the tea bag in for a long time and it will never get too strong. It has a mild flavor. Really really pleasant. Try it especially if you are open-minded to Asian teas. My manicurist (Ana) recommended this tea to me a few years ago. Green tea with brown rice, chair massager on, and my feet soaking in a gel pedicure… hmmm… therapy at its best… what more can a girl want?