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Pop Hairuwear & Hairdo

Pop Hairuwear and Ken Paves’ Hairdo make some of my most favorite hair extensions.  I never would have imagined how much fun styling my hair could be =).  I even love my Crayola Color Hair Flair Clip-Ons in funky bright colors like neon pink and sky blue from Rite Aid!  Also check out Rickys NYC.

*Photocredit: Pop Hairwear, Hairdo, and Crayola Hair Flair


Hair Barettes & Clips Addicted, I’m Afraid ;)

I usually wear my hair long (keeps my neck warmer during the wintry months) although I’ve been known to get the occasional pixy cut for summer.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with hair barrettes and clips; always on a hunt for the pretty but sturdy few. Claire’s, Icing, and similar shops also stock cute clips; however, I find them much less sturdy.  Goody and Evita Peroni are great brands too!

I had vacationed in Germany a few years ago and found some mini ones at Douglas Cosmetics which I liked immensely.  Not sure if they had larger sized clips?  I suspect they may have and regret not buying more.  I did buy one for my mom and she seemed to like her new clip.  One day I saw some amazing claw and spider clips of various sizes by Creative Professional featured on Hautelook and purchased a few.  I love sample sales! =)  Because I love my clips so much, I wanted to blog and let you know how you can purchase them from CP…..

*Photocredit: Creative Professional


Hair Barrette & Jewelry Organizers

Great organizers/holders from Household Essentials for hair barrette and jewelry storage. The pocket holders protect from dust and prevent tangle with other accessories. The HE organizers can easily be hung in your closet, on your rolling rack, or behind any door using a hook or over the door hanger. They look neat, are awesome for small living spaces, and are very affordable. So worth it; love them!!! Jewelry trees and dishes are another great idea if you have lots of tabletop space (which I don’t have). Besides Amazon, I’m pretty sure another retailer like The Container Store would sell something similar.

Household Essentials 80-Pocket Cotton Canvas Jewelry Organizer
Household Essentials, Necklace Bracelet Organizer, Hanging

*Photocredit: Amazon

Colette Malouf & Jennifer Behr Hair Accessories

Last week on Daily Candy, I saw advertised Jennifer Behr’s Star & Moon Bobby Pins. Unfortunately, I think they may have sold out because I’m unable to find a stockist that carries them. I’m hoping they might turn up on eBay. I’m also reminded of Colette Malouf who I took interest in about ten years ago (saw her featured in Allure Magazine). I’ve been especially into bobby pins since I had my hair cut short.

*Update: If anyone is interested, the Star & Moon Bobby Pins are sold at Vionnet Boutique.

*Photocredit: Beloved & FengJunk