Cinderella’s Shoe

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I just saw this really cute vintage shoe soap while browsing for something else. This shoe soap is made by Gianna Rose Atelier. I included her online store as a Fave Link already (see right panel of my blog). My current favorite are her Bonjour Bonne Nuit Pillow Soaps scented in fresh linen. I also use them to scent my armoir drawers and trim/ribbon containers. Her egg-shaped soaps are also very cute =). I almost forgot- she’s created the nicest scented drawer liners…

Ito En

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One of my favorite beverage companies. I usually buy my Teas’ Teas from either the snack cafe near the train, the Soho delis, or Mrs. Green’s. This company also makes really yummy Natural Fruit Teas. They are hard to find; so I usually enjoy them at a nearby movie theater. I haven’t seen them at my local Mrs. Green’s =(. Anyway, I highly recommend them.

Green Tea with Brown Rice

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That’s my choice of drink to help me unwind at night. I really should make it a nightly ritual. The best aspects of green tea with brown rice… one can easily find it in Mrs. Greens or any well-stocked American supermarket, Hong Kong Supermarket, and I suspect Ten Ren Tea shops and this tea could be served cold or hot. If served cold, obviously allow the tea bag to steep a bit longer. You can actually leave the tea bag in for a long time and it will never get too strong. It has a mild flavor. Really really pleasant. Try it especially if you are open-minded to Asian teas. My manicurist (Ana) recommended this tea to me a few years ago. Green tea with brown rice, chair massager on, and my feet soaking in a gel pedicure… hmmm… therapy at its best… what more can a girl want?

Gift Wrap

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I don’t usually expect beautiful gift-wrapping from every seller I buy from. This was an unexpected surprise which brightened up my day :). Little details count with me (a thank you card, organza ribbon, nice tissue paper) and it truly exceeded my expectations. Oh, and I confess that the picture below was my meager re-wrapping job. I also threw away the packaging material that helped to pad the item underneath the tissue paper. I should have thought of taking a picture before unwrapping the item =(. So of course Laura’s wrapping job was much smoother than mine. She gets the Seller’s Award of the Day nonetheless.

Santi Purses

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I recently discovered the joy of Santi purses. They are so adorable. Surprisingly can store quite a bit because they’re like extra large coin purses with metal chain handles. They may be slightly pricey but I think they are mostly hand-crafted and labor-intensive, and therefore the price tag is a little more justified. I can see this bag as a lovely accessory to evening wear as well as a playful accessory to a chiffon top and jeans. My Santi reminds me of rainbow sprinkles. It’s as mesmerizing as Louis Vuitton Multicolor Monogram, haha… I know I’m weird =}…..

*Photocredit: Amazon

JCrew in Collaboration with Dulken & Derrick

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Flower pins which have a vintage nostalgia and superbly dresses up an outfit. I have a wine colored flower pin I’m planning to pair with my Tocca fitted long coat. Can’t wait to finally get it in the mail =). I love to see colorful accessories and totes on people during the pale wintry season… just breathes in new life as we impatiently wait for Spring’s arrival. JCrew is collaborating with Dulken & Derrick for their Fall Collection. I think the release date is in October, 2008. I’m so excited!

Post Card

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I first saw this brand in a sporting goods store in Connecticut. There was a Post Card fitted turtle neck in black with various cute little patches I passed on and am still kicking myself for =(. Anyway, I saw this coat from them and it was love re-kindled. That metallic olive green is so gorgeous! The over-sized hood is really cute too. This brand is tres expensive though if it’s not on sale, like Mackage (another great coat/jacket brand) =(.

Nanette Lepore

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These are my first Nanette Lepores. Great for both formal ensembles as well as jeans; the purchase of shoes are most worth the money when they are versatile =). Less guilt involved =P.

Celebrity Bridal Gowns

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Here are my two faves…

JCrew Lisette Wedding Gown

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Two words… exquisite, ethereal =). I would have loved to wear this gown for my wedding. The price is much more affordable than a Vera Wang. I can be a very practical person and decided that it would be a waste of my money to blow an outrageous amount for a gown that I would only wear once. I’d rather spend that money on a much loved designer handbag or diamond accessories. I ended up going down the aisle in a white tulle embroidered floral and pearl beaded Mori Lee number on top of having two other diva changes (a red and pink burnt velvet spaghetti strapped dress and an Audrey Hepburn worthy teal and cream strapless gown), haha =))… Oh and Bea, if you’re reading this, don’t rule out JCrew’s bridal collection… Hey, when are the invites going out =)?