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Mozi at Anthro

Sorry I have not posted anything in a little while. My goal is to post at least something weekly…

During a recent trip to Anthro, I found a really lovely fragranced soap bar by an Australian company called Mozi. I wish Anthro carried more Mozi products. The Medina Collection- pomegranate scent is probably my favorite. Would love to own a tube of the hand cream- not that I need anymore lotion. It’s really unfortunate that a delivery from Australia to the U.S. takes a while to arrive. International postage is also quite pricey =(. Hopefully Anthro will extend its Mozi stock or that more U.S. stores will realize that Mozi is a real treasure =).

Bulga & YSL Handbags

Just spotted these recently and thought they were post-worthy. The search for the most perfect overall bag =}.

If I could design one:

solid black leather (non-patent or patent)
logo size kept to a minimum
significant looking hardware but light weight (preferably in shiny silver)
shoulder strap (convertible bag)
pretty colorful floral lining in cotton twill or brushed cotton
generous inner pockets and compartments (so things don’t get lost and can stay organized; some bags are like black holes)
interior side pocket for a small bottled drink to prevent spills
two outer pockets for keys and umbrella, etc.
easy to access (prefer a main zipper that opens smoothly)
medium to large size (the sad reality that I tend to tote lots of stuff)
more vertical than horizontal space

Am I describing something you’ve seen or admire? Drop me a note. =)

Serpui Marie Handbags

I was a very big fan of Serpui Marie Handbags in 2001. The first time I saw these handbags, they were being sold at Bloomingdales on 59th. Street. I will try to post up pictures of my Serpui Maries. Enjoy the pics below in the mean time.

*Reference: Coconut Trading

“Serpui Marie was born in São Paulo, Brazil and grew up in a rural town far from the big city. As a child growing up surrounded by fields of poppies and exotic flora, she occupied herself by roaming the grounds near her house collecting flowers to decorate straw bags that were used to transport fruits and vegetables from the local markets hence the seed of her future as a handbag designer was firmly planted and ready to grow.

She now runs her own atelier located in the romantic area, Vila Madalena, in São Paulo, and there each day overseeing even the most finite of detail to ensure the quality.

Now a 20-year veteran of the fashion industry, she has received rave response from fashion stylists and editors across New York, London, and Paris. Her appeal and original designs have captivated the likes of Madonna, Gisele Bunchen, Jennifer Aniston who are all devotees to Serpui’s designs.”

Offshoot of the Urban Outfitters Company, Introducing Terrain

I read that Terrain was geared towards the 40+ client but I like what I see anyway. Wish they had a New York branch. Reminds me a little of Smith & Hawken plus a cafe. Here are some pics of Terrain. Any of you lucky enough to be in the Glen Mills, Pennsylvania area should stop by to take a look. I’m sure you can find some cute artifacts to dress up your garden and home =).

Vertical Horizon

Vertical Horizon is my favorite band. I’ve seen them a few times in concert and they’re performances were always so consistently good. I’m a little sad that Ed Toth left the band in 2005 to be the backup drummer for The Doobie Brothers. I doubt that would badly hurt VH’s new music though. When will the new Vertical Horizon album be out? We’ve been waiting FOREVER! I know Matt Scannell has been collaborating with Richard Marx re-vamping some loved oldies and that the duo has been touring, but it could never make up for VH being MIA =(. I heard a tidbit of a new VH song from Burning the Days on Matt’s My Space Web Blog and though it’s a little different from their usual stuff, it’s still awesome! We want the new CD! We want the new CD!….

*Photocredits: Amazon