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Yves Saint Laurent Handbags & More

I was just browsing the YSL sale at Ruelala *drool.* All I can say is wow!!! I was hoping to see the Easy Y/Crest in gold/bronze there but oh well… that would be too good to be true. But anyway, WOW ;). Almost all the bags sold out in a half-an-hour, which confirms that in general women are not recession shoppers =). The more exotic-looking leathers were TDF. I’m not a huge fan of the Muse 2 but I can understand its appeal. I love the Muse 1 more but I’m concerned that it may not be the most comfortable to carry since it’s bulky and I love shoulder bags over hand-helds- its shape reminds me of the LV Alma. I also wish I was more of a patent leather fan but I worry that the finish makes these bags even more prone to revealing scuffs. On the upside, the pebbled leather on the Easy Y is so beautiful. I love the Teal and Ombre colors of the Downtowns. I’m featuring shoes, sunglasses (love the semi-puffed heart detail), and almost all the bags below LOL. My top picks? Gee, it’s almost unfair to narrow it down so feast on these–>

*Photocredit: Ruelala

Foley + Corinna

F+C‘s Large City Bag is so unbelievably roomy. This is a bag that would also benefit from a Purse-To-Go. As much as I love its versatility, being that it’s a convertible bag, I wish it was more comfortable to carry- crossbody works best. It’s a bit too awkward for me. I wish I could be more enthusiastic about this bag since the design is so simple and yes, city chic. I’m glad they came out with a smaller City version and also a clutch version. The clutch is a must have… too cute ;). Oh, they also have a drop-dead gorgeous boutique in Manhattan. I need to check it out!

*Photocredit: Gilt & F+C

Via Genova Cafe & Water Bar

Today I was craving my favorite salad from Via Genova. The one which owner, Diane Felicissimo mixes fresh greens with thinly sliced prosciutto, sweet figs, among other yummy ingredients. To my dismay, I found out too late that the store had closed sometime late January, 2009. She was a rarity- great customer service and always with a cheerful smile. I will also miss the Italian fruit sorbets and mango smoothies. This was where I bought my fave Sunny Seed Drops. Well, wherever she is, I hope she will never stop dazzling people with her delicious culinary delights. Via Genova will be sorely missed.

*Photocredit: Via Genova

Dietary Detox

While at the beauty salon, I caught up on some celebrity gossip and found an article regarding Gwyneth Paltrow’s professionally prescribed dietary detox regimen. Sounded interesting although the quantity of food is for the birds. The recipes look tame enough so I’m probably going to give a few of them a try. I really do believe the saying, “you are what you eat” (which doesn’t mean that I’m perfect and never indulge in junk). Maybe a good consequence of dietary detox is energy pick-me-ups? We could all use a little of that; I know I definitely do. There’s also the issue of getting enough fluid intake per day and good regular sleep patterns (I definitely need improvement). Brave or not, these are some of the recipes I’m willing to give a go. BTW, I am not a big soy lover (even if it’s a good thing). Wish me luck for a new and improved me =) –>

*Update 02/24/2009: I was a little disappointed that the Blueberry Almond Shake wasn’t as yummy as I’d hoped. It tasted a little like soy milk to me =P. I guess that the blueberries were not as sweet because they are not really in season/at their best peak right now. Still, I’m fairly certain that there might be someone out there who would like this recipe. No blueberries will go to waste; I bought a big container of plain yogurt and they will be blended together soon (me, of little faith, sort of anticipated that I may not like the drink). Maybe I can pick up some bananas too for this new concoction?

*Photocredit: OK! Magazine?

Searching for Wardrobe Database Software

Hoping to find “closet organizer”-type software that can be used on a desktop or laptop computer. I would love to be able to keep everything organized. I have a few similar iPhone applications (my fave is Carrie’s [Bradshaw] Closet). So far I have a couple of qualms with it like I keep getting kicked off after 10 minutes and the pics are too small since it’s being viewed on a phone screen. My DH helped me find but there are a few drawbacks like trying to locate where the data is being stored e.g. within the program or locally on my computer? Anyone ever use such software, know of any, can highly recommend any? Please post a comment. I wish Carrie’s Closet could be desktop compatible minus the current glitches.

Current Season Coach

I received an email from Coach and decided to take a look. I haven’t bought from Coach in a really long time. A few weeks ago I went into their Westchester boutique and saw a couple of really pretty bags (the non-trendy ones mostly of solid black or brown e.g. Madison line). I love their coachman logo. The metallic leathers are my favorite from this season. Their rose gold leather is stunning. Coach’s Madison Metallic Fringe Tote reminds me so much of Serpui Marie’s Tina Turner Fringe Tote.

*Photocredit: Coach