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Maria La Rosa Handbags (A Bag for All Seasons)

I was really looking for Alaia Azzedine Shoes and somehow Maria La Rosa‘s handbags popped up on my search. It’s kind of like, “where have you been all my life?” Wow, such cute bags! Reminds me of when I first fell in love with Serpui Marie because they are both not what I consider couture house mainstream designers. They are independent designers; some kind of wonderful! I just thought- I really need to post something by La Rosa so here it is. BTW, I really want the Printed Summer Tote; it’s so me!–>

*All textiles by Maria La Rosa are created with antique looms and all weavings are done by hand in Italy. The collection includes bags, hats, socks, clothing, and home accessories.

I hope that she will bring more of her collection to the States.

*Photocredit: & Mona Moore, Montreal Canada

Update: Arnold’s Drive-In, Mohegan Lake NY Closes (2004 to February, 2009)

DH and I were trying to figure out what happened to this restaurant over the past few weeks. This was the start of it… one night we took a chance and drove to Mohegan Lake even though they didn’t answer their phone (DH thought it was uncharacteristic of them). When we arrived the door was locked and the lights were off and thought it odd that they had maybe closed early for the day? I tried to call a couple of times after that night but still met with no answer =(. Eventually their phone was disconnected within two weeks time. Arnold’s had suddenly closed without any notice. I did web searches to try to find any posts related to this. Tonight was a sad night since DH had accidentally found our beloved burger place being advertised on eBay–> I’m posting this blog for anyone who was also wondering what had happened? Apparently the owner is selling the store due to health issues. It’s always sad when a fave store closes. I’m really devastated. DH and I have been eating there on weekends for the past two years, possibly longer. I almost always ordered my calamari salad with balsamic vinigrette, chili, and root beer float with soft vanilla ice cream. The food was always so fresh. We even brought friends and family there since we loved Arnold’s so much. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new owners will maintain Arnold’s the way it always has been, with a perfect old-fashioned twist to an all American-type menu.

*Photocredit: Arnold’s Drive-In (a 1950’s drive-in style restaurant built from scratch which first opened in 2004), Eric & Rob

Bare Minerals

I received their starter kit (purchased from last week and absolutely love it. It’s easy to apply, goes on evenly with sweeps of the application brush, and leaves the skin feeling silky soft. No caking, no oiliness, no acne. Of course, the brushes have to be cleansed and kept clean, as with all brushes. I also have their sample-sized nighttime kit too but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe tonight? I’m not sure whether or not I will enroll in their mail order program since I haven’t figured out how soon I will need refills. For me, it’s probably best to buy as I need. This is their website just in case you’re interested–> They have a few videos on their homepage. I viewed those before I bought their products. I’m a little lazy and totally dislike a time-consuming beauty regimen. Men are so lucky that they can roll out of bed without need of a tedious regimen. Bare Minerals combined with my Tarte 4 Day Stay Mascara has saved so much time for me. Putting on makeup is so much less of a chore now.

*Photocredit: Sephora

L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani

I’m only slightly familiar with this brand and haven’t followed their seasons regularly. I remember when LAMB first came out. I loved the knit tops but never ended up buying any. Recently I spotted a pretty pair of LAMB shoes- sort of a retro punky style and just loved them. I also discovered I liked the bags and accessories with signature print, in particular the pattern with “L” and the lamb (animal) logo (these are the older bags though). Although I normally don’t care for striped linings, I think LAMB’s cute. LAMB seems a little pricey to me. It never hurts to wait for a sale unless you are absolutely dying for something. Okay, so here are examples of what I love about LAMB (shoes were featured in a previous post)–>

*Photocredit: eLuxury & Nordstrom

Marc Jacobs, Old & New & Louis Vuitton Shimmer Halo

Just found these pretty bags via ShopStyle. Beautiful but crazy expensive- priced like an inexpensive or pre-loved Chanel. The costs of creating designer bags from an industry point-of-view may be rising but the prices are becoming out-of-control. I’m mad at MJ for his continued price hikes. Some of his bags in the Spring 2009 Collection should be at least a few hundred dollars lower than they actually are. I’ve also included bags from other seasons and of course, his Stella, the one that started my love for this brand. I know I’m a little behind with LV but I love love love the Shimmer Halo from 2008 =), TDF!!!

*Photocredit: Various Sources