Maison Martin Margiela Shoulder Bags

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I love MMM’s Poppy Shoulder Bag! It’s the perfect combo of navy and ivory satin with floral print- so silky soft to the touch too. I only wish all their bags were made in either small or medium. The large is enormous! I think the large may be even too large for tall women but maybe much better than for a shortie like me =(.

*Photocredit: eLuxury (I am sorry to see them close down their online retail site for those of you who are unaware. I think they will be fully shut down by June 2009 and that’s why they’re having all these special sales). The LV stuff on their site will be made available via LV’s website from what I understand.

Anthropologie Updates A

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I haven’t updated my top picks in a while, so here they are… I’ve been trying to include style numbers just in case any of you need to make a call & send request to the stores. The style numbers are part of the pic names. You should be able to click once on the pic to view it but they’re there.

Anthropologie Updates B

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Cynthia Rowley

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I know mostly of Cynthia Rowley’s handbag collection. I wasn’t even aware she was also a talented clothing designer until this year.

*Photocredit: Ruelala

Fendi at RueLaLa

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At a fairly recent Ruelala sale; I thought these were cute… Love the embroidered details against their signature monogram. The pinkish lavender just pops off the bag. As you can imagine, they sold like hotcakes. I really love the tote with the peach trim =).

*Photocredit: Ruelala

Temperley of London at Gilt

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I was definitely keeping my fingers crossed that TOL would finally arrive at one of these sample sales. Yeah!!! I just want to say, Temperley, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE open a store in New York! I loved the Garnet Bags- they’re lust on chains…

*Photocredit: Gilt

More Santi

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This recent trend with use of chains on their evening bags, reminds me ever-so-slightly of Stella McCartney’s collaboration with H&M. Rocker chic.

*Photocredit: Various Sources

Cute Tops by Rebecca Taylor

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I may just have to pay special attention to her fashion trends. These tops are so beautifully feminine- they are so for me! No closet could be complete without RT…

*Photocredit: Bluefly

Hawaii On My Mind

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I haven’t thought about Cinnamon Girl Boutique in years. The first time I shopped at Cinnamon Girl was in 2001, Oahu, Hawaii. I instantly fell in love with their floral island dresses with velvet trims and spaghetti straps. Unfortunately, I ended up giving them away to family because I couldn’t fit size 0 any longer. I wish I had the foresight to buy in medium. Oh well, that’s life. But I did keep their satin floral flip flops which I usually take on vacation with me. I’m so glad that adult shoe size doesn’t change. The pic below is of sandals similar to mine except for the color of the satin flowers (mine are in shades of mulberry/berries). I’ve included a link above to their site though it’s currently under construction.

Another thing I was nuts about was Crazy Shirts and their Sharka logo. Crazy Shirts shops are spread throughout the Hawaiian Islands and I believe they are also a popular West Coast brand (California).

*Photocredit: Love*Janine Blog, Various Sources

Shopping Links

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I’ve been trying to gradually review shopping sites so I can post as “references” for those serious shoppers ;). They are listed on the side of my blog and can commonly be found scattered throughout my posts. Hopefully they will serve as good resources when you’re in search of a special something that’s hard to find or comparison shopping. It’s nice to have them easily accessible (in one place). I tend to use Google a lot for searches- it has almost never let me down. Please feel free to let me know if a link isn’t working and may need updating. Of course with every post I try my best to remember to include the applicable link. Happy Hunting!