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Sugar Art

Belle de Sucre, Paris takes sugar to a whole other level. How beautiful these bon bons would look presented on a pretty Victorian plate at high tea or in a handmade and lusciously decorated gift box to someone special! Too bad that these lovelies are not offered in the US yet :(. I did find online, a recipe by “Trish” if you are interested in customizing your own and up to the sweet tooth challenge…

Trish’s “Renaissance Sweets” Recipe

Expertise Level:
So easy to make yourself!

Add 2 teaspoons of water to 1 cup of sugar
Mix until the consistency of wet sand
While moistened, pack sugar into plastic mold trays
Even off the sugar with a spatula
Take the sugar beauties out of the molds and lay onto parchment paper right away
Let harden overnight

Molds can be found at craft stores and kitchen supply stores.
Smaller molds are recommended for this project.

Suggestion: Flower molded sugars make great cupcake toppers.
You may brush sugars with culinary glitter dust or lightly brush them with touches of food coloring.

For supplies, I personally recommend e.g. only because I’ve bought from them and was pleased with their products. There are also so many others, so have fun searching :)

*Photocredit: Various Sources; I will post my own pics once I have made mine ;)…

Love These FP Clogs!

I bought my first pair of clogs several years ago and totally disliked them after a short while, even though they were comfy. I also made the mistake of not wearing socks with them on which made everything worse. It’s like wearing Uggs without a thin pair of socks…ewww. I love these FP clogs; they look so cute with stockings (I don’t know why I used to dislike that look?). I think I will give clogs another try and bring them out from storage.

*Photocredit: Free People

Bird Feeder

DH and I saw two cardinals in the backyard on Saturday. I had birdseed for them and realized I needed a better bird feeder. I have a feeder especially for the hummingbirds, which I already set up last weekend. Haven’t seen any hummingbirds yet =( *bummer*. I ordered a really cute bird feeder today from Amazon. I can’t wait until it arrives! It is a pretty colonial design (can be hung or put on a post) and it cost $25, which I thought was fairly reasonable for its craftsmanship and size. The reviews I read gave it all thumbs up. I would be really pleased if it were also crow-proof but we’ll have to see. I hope this year I will see blue jays again like I did last summer. They are my favorite birds.