Monthly Archives: September 2009

Paper Bag Vases

I was going through a paper pile and found a catalog feature regarding paper bag vases. These handmade porcelain vases are by artist Michel Harvey. I tend to find smaller vases much more useful for my needs than bigger ones just because I like to buy a bouquet of a dozen blooms and split them among different rooms in my home. I’m trying to hold off on buying a bouquet of flowers until I reach my re-organization goals. It’s always good to appreciate little treats as an incentive/reward. If it was possible, I would love to have fresh flowers daily to weekly. My faves are roses and carnations. Usually I buy flowers from my local supermarkets when I’m food shopping. Sometimes I buy from florists, but no more than three times a year. Florists do carry more exotic varieties which I rarely see in the supermarkets; though at one point I was lucky enough to spot a big bouquet of relatively inexpensive (and gorgeous) Esperanza roses at a price club.


Lucky Day!

Last night before going to sleep, I took a quick glance at the Anthro online sales section and was disappointed to see the Zois Bellflower (grey) bag still at full price. I had been keeping an eye on that bag for what seems like months. By early afternoon the next day, I noticed some new bags were transferred to the sales section. Little did I know that the Zois Bellflower had sold out earlier in the morning. I only noticed that when I looked at my Save for Later list- had the Bellflower bag listed on sale at 43% off its regular price (much better than what I would have guessed). I called Anthro’s main number right away hoping that a charge and send could be done; however, the sales associate told me a C&S couldn’t be done due to low in-stock quantities in their stores, two of which (Los Angeles and Washington D.C. had only 1-2 units). I called both stores with no success at finding this pretty handbag there. I asked the S.A. in L.A. to check another store for me. She gave me the number to Irvine, California saying they were listed as having 1 left. I called Irvine with fingers and toes crossed. The S.A. went to look for it and I was imagining that a customer was hanging onto the only one left (silly me *blush*). The S.A. utterly surprised me with “yes, we have one left.” I couldn’t believe it =) *ecstatic me*! I gave him a brief version of my story of woe and he said that the bag was in the back room since they didn’t have a chance yet to put the item on the sales rack. I still have a bitter taste from the days I was looking for Bella, the ornament fairy. I’m still holding onto hope that I will see her offered again somewhere in a few months. Anyway, yes, lucky day indeed that the Zois Bellflower is on its way to me! I will take pics when she arrives.

Updated September 30, 2009: The long awaited Zois Bellflower bag (pic #2); I carried this on a recent dusk stroll.

*Photocredit: Anthropologie & DH