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Please Support The American Cancer Society

One of the charitable causes that’s dear to me…

The Discovery Shop
(an upscale resale shop which benefits The American Cancer Society)

They are in need of gently used, small furniture pieces (excluding upholstered items).
For larger pieces, pick up may be available.

They accept donations of men’s and women’s spring and summer clothing, jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, and housewares.

All donations are tax deductable

400 King Street
New Castle, New York


914.238.4900 regarding questions concerning donations and their hours of operation.

Tivoli Songbook

I recently purchased a Tivoli Songbook in green, specifically meant to play relaxing spa music in my bathroom. This was a Ruelala sample sale purchase. DH introduced me to the wonders of Tivoli. I bought him a brown PAL and clock radio a few years ago as gifts. Tivoli consistently offers great sound and design. I was lucky enough to find the Tivoli Audio Music System on sale in 2006 due to a local store closing. I can definitely attest to its quality. I’ve owned Aiwa, Sony, and Panasonic previous to owning Tivolis. The only one I was very happy with before Tivoli was the Panasonic stereo system (parts of the exterior were made of wood, sorry can’t remember the exact model), which I bought in 2000 (my mom has it now). I highly recommend Tivoli if you are looking for a small system. Tivolis have great sound quality and power for their small size, as well as a sleek classic design. If you are looking for a more serious sound system, check out Linn, B&W, Rotel, and McIntosh.

*Photocredit: Tivoli

Studded Belts

I don’t just consider belts an object of necessity, but something that could be fashionable and beautiful. I love studded belts. My first studded belt was purchased from Calvin Klein’s Outlet at Woodbury Commons, New York. It was for a time, the only belt I wore with all my denim. Studs, simulated crystals, and an iridescent orange leather… I’m sad that the pretty iridescence is beginning to fade so for these past two years I’ve been on the search for alternates. Too many companies make studded belts that aren’t compatible with denim loops. Why? I’ll never understand. It wasn’t until I found Linea Pelle that my many hours of fruitless online browsing was rewarded.

*Photocredit: Beyond The Rack & Linea Pelle

Beach Cottage Decorative Pillows

I’ve been fantasizing about owning a pretty little beach cottage lately- you know the type… an artist’s retreat, exteriors with sun-reflecting whites and playful hues, and nautical themed interiors. Saw some reasonably priced pillows on Ideeli a couple of weeks ago and below are my favorites from Trilogy’s sale. I especially love the starfish pattern in robin’s egg blue.

*Photocredit: Ideeli


Recently purchased the new Shabby Chic Interiors hardcover by Rachel Ashwell and fell in love with her vintage pale pink capodimonte jewelry box. I was on the search for something similar and found one just like it, but in pale blue. Unfortunately the seller forgot to end the listing since she gave this pretty box to her niece for her birthday… The situation was lame; I had my heart set on it already! Oh well, what can one do :(? Does anyone know what is the proper name for the style of capodimonte in the pic below (besides it being a “capodimonte”)? Could probably help in my search and I would appreciate some insight. If anyone knows, please post a comment. Thanks.

*Photocredit: Shabby Chic & Online Listing

La Fiorentina

My mind is still swirling over the sumptuous beautiful La Fiorentina furs offered at yesterday’s Gilt sample sale. If I had to pick two from the pile, it would definitely be, the mink slip-through muffler in blue and the mink fluted wrap in black. To be fair it was a tough choice, leaving one almost paralyzed in thought while the timer counts down; so many lovely furs and you couldn’t go wrong either way! La Fiorentina doesn’t seem to have their own website. I tried googling- just about everything, but if you know of it, please leave a comment.

*Photocredit: Gilt