Monthly Archives: December 2009

Looking for a New Chic Scarf?

Look no further; Leigh & Luca‘s Bird Toile, Flowers & Trees, Doves, and many other lovely patterns are sure to inspire and delight! I recently purchased a Flower & Tree in grey; really excited to wear it (with its vibrant contrast flock prints against neutral grey). Will definitely liven up most any outerwear one may pair it with. Have a look; visit their site!

*Photocredit: Leigh & Luca


Seychelles Shoes

Yet another amazing and distinctive brand of women’s footwear! Seychelles has been popularized by Anthropologie, Solestruck, and other stockists alike. I have a pair of pretty bronze open-toed pumps (unfortunately have to wait until Spring though to wear them). Love the vintagey flair and characteristic thick heels. They are also reasonably priced for their quality. Right now I’m lusting over a pair of metallic gold Lola wedges.

*Photocredit: Kaboodle


Holiday Decadence

Just a quick blurb about an awesome dessert company that was featured over this weekend’s Westchester Center’s Chocolate Expo/Show… Dutch Desserts :-D , LOVEEE their chocolate pie. I’ve had quite a few chocolate pies but this one for sure wins a BIG blue ribbon from me. Just don’t take my word for it! You must try it! This is Dutch Dessert’s website ( They have other wonderful flavors too. Below is a very mediocre pic taken from my cell phone of three of their mini pies, chocolate, peach, and pumpkin. Oh, the crust is superb with perfect sweetness!

New Spin on Purse Hangers

A great potential gift to a sister or galpal is Luxe Link’s purse hangers. From what I see on their site, there’s quite a selection- something for everyone. I first saw Luxe Link featured in Cambria Cove’s catalog. I’m nuts over the Rock Star Swarovski style!

Updated: January 12, 2010:
I received a beautiful artglass purse hook for Christmas by LSArts Incorporated. Check their website for stockists around your area!

*Photocredit: Luxe Link