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Makeup etc. Re-Organization Ideas

My efforts to re-organize have been long overdue. I used to keep my makeup in train cases or plastic boxes… An okay solution if you have ample living space. Since my area isn’t spacious, I had to rely on vertical storage. I found a fairly reasonably priced storage unit (Castela) on Target’s website that’s perfect for small spaces and apartments, that’s also attractive to help store things like makeup, nail polish, socks, backup toiletries etc (small items). It also protects my things from getting too dusty. I used small box lids to act as dividers. It’s been working well so far in keeping everything neat, colors and labels visible. I’ve placed books on top so I cut-to-fit a brown drawer/shelf liner to protect the wood from scrapes. Just wanted to mention that the Castela is pretty small (sort of like the size of children’s furniture). If you need a big shelf with drawers, you may be disappointed. For eye pencils, mascaras, and the like, I used an old Pottery Barn spinning desk organizer to keep similar items together (I will include a pic when I get a chance). I suggest places like Target, Marshalls, Michaels/craft, The Container Store, Ikea, office supply, 99 cents/dollar/discount stores, and eBay to look for inexpensive storage solutions. Please comment if you can recommend any others I have not covered. Thanks to all the numerous You Tube makeup and organization gurus who have inspired me. I dedicate this blog post to you.

*Photocredit: Target & NYCupcake

Lush Haul Part 2 Review (After Use)

Currently a partial review:

Rock Star Soap: left my skin clean and soft, I liked the scent much more when it was wet because it wasn’t as strong. Not sure if I like it enough to repurchase, but just try a small sample of it to see if you like it. I was surprised that this soap dried so fast after my shower.

I’ve used Rock Star a few more times now and formed a better impression of it but there are so many great Lush soap bars out there that I would love to try more, so I will keep this one in mind as an alternate.

Trichomania Solid Shampoo: I noticed when I was massaging the shampoo into my hair that it kind of reminded me of Feria conditioner which comes with every Feria hair dye kit (hair was silky soft when I was washing it). I think it’s as good as any of my well-liked shampoos so thumbs up so far. Now that my hair is dry, it looks better tamed than usual but I also used Neutrogena leave-in heatsafe conditioner for the first time so I’m not sure if that helped too? Sorry, maybe next time I will try it without the extra products to see if Trichomania can stand alone. Small wish that it leaves my hair sweetly scented; it hardly has any scent but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I did notice that when the bar was wet, I could smell the coconut a little more.
I used Trichomania again, but without the leave-in conditioner and I still love what it has done for my hair, that is, my hair is left clean, non-frizzy, and soft. This product receives five stars from me =)
03.04.2010: Trichomania still rocks! =)

Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar: Love it! I’m so glittery right now =). If you dislike glitter, this may not be a good product for you. Love the smell but wish it was stronger. I smell a little like a white chocolate candy bar right now =)

I Should Coco Soap: Smells nice, very moisturizing, left a sweet citrus scent on my skin. My small concern is that it may have the potential to clog your shower since small shreds of coconut gradually slough off of the bar. I use a drain “hat”/catcher so I regularly empty it out and it’s less of a potential problem.

Glitterbug Sparkle Massage Bar: Love the blue glitter left on my skin, sweetly scented, nicely moisturizing. A product I would also love to re-purchase.

*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics

Mini Lush Haul Update, Part 1

I just received my mini haul today and felt let down by the products I ordered. Took quite a while to be delivered too =(. I really wanted to like the brand for their creativity and uniqueness. I am willing to give them a second chance but I’m going to visit an actual store before I decide to splurge a little. There are some products that I will not be repurchasing because their scents don’t appeal to me. I call this my Part 1 review because to be fair, I have only tried 1 of their products (Smitten hand cream) so a Part 2 will be written (after use review). Below are my initial scent impressions…

Fairy Jasmine Bath Bomb: lightly sweet floral, okay scent, almost the size of a baseball

The Ex Factor Bath Bomb: sweet floral but not as floral as the fairy jasmine if that makes sense, okay scent, about 4.5 inches tall

*Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar: light white chocolate scent, like this scent, love the glitter =)

*Glitterbug Sparkle Bar: delicate fresh herbal scent, nice scent, love the glitter =)

Marzibain Bubble Bar: fresh outdoorsy scent like evergreen or newly cut grass?, okay scent

*I Should Coco: light orange citrus scent- creamsicle, nice scent

Smitten Hand Cream: mild chamomile scent, i barely smell almond =(. You will love this if you love a gentle natural scent.

Rock Star Soap: taffy scent, sorry but I also think it reminds me of pungent moth balls too =(

Trichomania Solid Shampoo: very mild scent, not sure if it really smells like coconuts

We’ll see… I’m going to be using a few of the products in a couple of minutes so I will write again soon. If the products are moisturizing and all that other good stuff, Lush products will have somewhat redeemed themselves. Remember, this is only my opinion and what I like or dislike may not be the same as for you, so I urge you to go to a Lush store if you have been wanting to try their products. I also believe that since many of their scents are so mild/gentle that guys can use some of Lush’s products without fear of smelling girly.

Mini Lush Haul to Arrive

I just ordered a couple of goodies from Lush (intend to share with my sister). This is my first time trying the brand so I hope it will not disappoint; from all the You Tube raves, I kinda doubt that will happen. I will update this post as soon as I use the products. A couple years back, I actually went into a Lush store and came out empty-handed for two reasons; mainly the mixing of scents were way overwhelming even for me and I thought the brand was very pricey. Though some of the products are offered in generous chunks, I would prefer it offered in smaller sizes and at a lower price. How much soap can one own? Anyway, I also wish they offered samplers. I always like to try something before I purchase a full-sized product. Pictured below are a couple of things I bought; I’m excited to receive my mini haul =)…

BTW, I’m not going to give up my vegan soaps and soy-based products no matter what!

P.S. I forgot to mention that whenever you online shop, it’s a good idea to search for coupons. I’ve saved tons doing so besides getting awesome free stuff e.g. VS tote bag. I usually do a Google search for “X promotion code.” This is the site I mainly use–> RetailMeNot.

*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics