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Just a Note: Praise to Zappos & Others

One of my biggest peeves regarding buying handbags from a website is that the company doesn’t offer enough product details to help the consumer make an educated decision about their purchase.  Consumers have a right to know what they are putting their money towards and companies benefit by potentially decreasing their number of returns.  I love the pictures that companies like Zappos, Endless, and eBags provide their consumer.  Doesn’t leave much to the imagination in that what you see is basically what you get, though computer monitor variations may cause slight coloration differences.  Zappos has actually taken it a step further to include video descriptions on some of their products such as the ones below so kudos to them =)

*VideoCredit: Zappos

Zappos on B. Makowsky Dakar Tote

Zappos on Betsy Johnson Locked In Clutch

Zappos on The Sak Handbags Casual Classic Drawstring

Nifty Cutting Boards

I saw these Core Bamboo cutting boards yesterday and wanted to blog about them.  Really great for a serious cook who wants a well-equipped kitchen beyond basics or has lots of extra storage space in his/her pantry or basement.  I have to pick and choose what’s the most important me.  Space is of the essence.  I can picture my husband’s folks or aunt owning one of these; they’re fairly serious epicures.

*Photocredit: Ideeli

Dream Closet

I actually overlooked posting about my dream closet.  These are similar to Rachel Ashwell’s French armoire.  If you are lucky enough to have high bedroom ceilings, love French or shabby chic furniture, and are able to splurge on luxury I’d definitely say run out and get this!  I’ve been told by antique dealers that these armoires are hard-to-find and can cost $3500+ but don’t let that hinder you =)  The first picture (armoire with exterior mirrors) is my favorite; a two-in-one.  The last closet pictured with wood frame and see-through glass details I’d imagine to look beautiful filled with neatly folded pastel linens and things.

*Photocredit: Various Resources

Studded Sensation, Sara Berman

Totally irresistible accessories by Sara and Amiee Berman. You know that I’m a sucker for studded belts and boots but this love also translates to handbags and cosmetic pouches. Wow, hehe… an actual studded makeup bag and with leopard print satin lining too- how cool is that?

*Photocredit: The Out Net

Magic Makeover & Gina Simone

The height of the bridal season is almost here once again and I have wanted to do this post for a while now…

I was browsing one afternoon on The Knot and was excited to find a wealth of wedding resources. At the time, I wanted to splurge a little on a professional makeup artist who could make me look perfect for my special day. I needed one less thing of concern; it was crazy as it was. Gina was such a pleasure to work with and I loved the bridal look she chose for me =). Soon after, I recommended Gina to one of my husband’s friends for her late summer wedding and she also loved working with Gina. I believe Gina may be working mostly in Florida now. At the time we met, she was living in New York. Give a call to Magic Makeover; professional, punctual, patient, great to work with- what more could you ask for?

*Photocredit: Cassarino Studios

Lush Review: You Snap The Whip Body Butter

I used You Snap last night for the first time and must give it a mixed review. It has the sweet fragrance of The Comforter (a mixture of cassis and bergamot oils) and also smells of sweet blackcurrants. I love the scent and my skin felt soft after-use. The big negative is that the charcoal residue can stain light colored towels (have to make sure to wash YS all off before using a light colored towel) and it has slightly stained the bottom of my shower liner and white tub. I’m using Comet with a stiff brush to get rid of the stains. The charcoal particles may have the potential to clog drains.  A half cup of baking soda, full cup of white vinegar, followed by hot boiled water should do the trick (prevents detergent/grease build-up of water pipes).  I’m trying to do this treatment twice a month to prevent clogged drains.

*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics

Lush Review: Candy Sweet Yellow Bath Cocktail

A bath cocktail is simply as you would have guessed, when multiple products are used to enhance a lux bath or to create a desired bath theme e.g. candy-scented, floral, honey-scented. You get the idea… Recently I used the following products in mine:

1/8 of Happy Easter-The Yellow One (shell): Fast fizzing action, sweet candy scent, turned the water a bright yellow.

1/2 of Ma Bar Bubble Bar: Broke up very easily under the spigot of running water, sweet honey-chocolate-toffee scented

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap during the bath:
I’m not fortunate enough to own a Kohler tub with built-in jets so I made sure the water was running when I popped the products in. The bubbles started to dissipate after a while so I waved my hands through the water and the bubbles re-formed. If you do have tub jets, you can turn them on again to refresh the bubbles. I have a feeling that I should have used more product since the bubbles were not as full as I would have liked. I have a small tub and I thought I could make do with less bubble bar.

As an after-thought, I wish I had also used a sweet-scented bath melt with the bath too. If I had, I would have only needed a small chunk of it. Probably like a 1/4 or smaller of a melt.


Therapy Massage Bar (on my legs): Leaves my skin moisturized for the ENTIRE DAY, initially my skin felt a bit oily after applying, lavender, sweet orange and neroli oils scented (scent is kinda strong and potentially headache-inducing). Not sure if I will re-purchase it since I’m not too crazy about the scent, though an hour or two later the scent is a bit sweet and nutty. Don’t let my review stop you from purchasing this bar if you still want to give it a try… To each, his own opinion. I will continue using this bar until it’s all gone because I don’t believe in wasting anything.

Mange Too Massage Bar (upper extremities): Leaves my skin moisturized for the ENTIRE DAY, also initially my skin felt a bit oily after applying, white chocolate, honey and peppermint, very strong scent that I initially didn’t like. Similar to the Therapy Massage Bar, I liked the scent after it dried a little. I may re-purchase but I’m not sure yet since I’ve only used this bar a couple of times and there are other Lush massage bars I like much more.

*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics

Why I Love B. Makowsky…

I’m a member of The Bag Forum and from time to time I’ve seen a thread or two raving about B. Makowsky’s handbags. I don’t know why I didn’t give this brand a second thought. I found a You Tuber’s video on her “8 Most Worn Things.” Towards the end of the video, she mentions her love of her new BM brown leather silver studded satchel (Studded Soft – Large’ Pleated Hobo). This re-inspired me to examine this brand… Introducing the Melbourne Shopper (my “go to” and soulmate bag). I never would have thought I could say this about any bag. You know how sometimes you can spontaneously identify a special product; one that you could picture still loving years down the line… Well, this is the real deal =). It couldn’t have been more perfect a design for me; kinda like someone custom made this bag for me! How cool is that? Why I love the Melbourne… uhm, is it because it’s a composite of all my top-rated bags and because I can’t find any fault with it?..

dark, soft, exotic embossed leather
significant hardware yet the bag alone doesn’t weigh a ton
generous pockets/compartments
outer compartment for a cell phone (easy access for me)
strong magnetic closures
timeless, classic style with lovely detailing
good price for its quality
it is a true shoulder bag which can be worn with a coat on (perfect shoulder drop)
soft smooth leopard print lining
looks really good with any outfit
it may not be a summer-ish bag because it’s black, but I really don’t care (available in other pretty colors)

I hope I won’t wear this bag out too quickly =). It’s the best-of-its-kind.

*Photocredit: Endless

Benefit Cosmetics

A great cosmetic brand from the days I started really loving makeup. I was crazy about their Spice lipstick and Mint Souffle facial cleanser (my sister loved it too). Both these items have been discontinued to my dismay. My recent visit to their site shocked me a little with a shift in their priorities. I was so sad their color lines for both eyes and lips have been nearly done away with =(. The light at the end of the tunnel for me includes Dandelion, Benetint, and Georgia. These three and more are also carried by Sephora (to my knowledge as of today). Check them out =)

*Photocredit: Benefit Cosmetics

Hair Barrette & Jewelry Organizers

Great organizers/holders from Household Essentials for hair barrette and jewelry storage. The pocket holders protect from dust and prevent tangle with other accessories. The HE organizers can easily be hung in your closet, on your rolling rack, or behind any door using a hook or over the door hanger. They look neat, are awesome for small living spaces, and are very affordable. So worth it; love them!!! Jewelry trees and dishes are another great idea if you have lots of tabletop space (which I don’t have). Besides Amazon, I’m pretty sure another retailer like The Container Store would sell something similar.

Household Essentials 80-Pocket Cotton Canvas Jewelry Organizer
Household Essentials, Necklace Bracelet Organizer, Hanging

*Photocredit: Amazon