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My Favorite Gardening Supplies…

I’m sorry I meant to post about my favorite gardening supplies (not all are necessities, some are frivolities) a lot sooner than this.  Well here we go…

  • Sphagnum moss cone-shaped hanging planters
  • Lined metal scrollwork window boxes
  • Trowel
  • Spade
  • Weeding fork & dandelion weeder
  • Bulb planter
  • Mister
  • Gardening shears/clippers
  • Flower/Rose cutters
  • MiracleGro
  • Plantone (fertilizer for all other plants other than evergreens)
  • Hollytone (fertilizer for evergreens)
  • Organic lime (I use this for my hydrangea)
  • Miracid (food for acid-loving plants)
  • Potting soil appropriate for the type of plant you are caring for
  • Mud Gloves
  • Suede leather gloves, preferably long gloves to handle thorny plants and to protect your forearms
  • Jute
  • Pretty porcelain pots of assorted sizes with matching drip trays
  • Plastic drip trays/dishes of assorted sizes
  • Collapsible leaf bins for e.g. Fall cleanup
  • Gardener’s tote by Smith & Hawken
  • Gardening supportive knee pad
  • Soil sifter
  • Scissors
  • White oil for gardening tool maintenance
  • Gardener’s Pamper Kits by Crabtree & Evelyn (cleansers, lotions, and other lovely things)
  • Inspiration:
  1. Words from the Garden: A Collection of Beautiful Poetry, Prose, and Quotations by Isobel Carlson
  2. Trugs, Dibbers, Trowels and Twine: and Everything Good about Gardening with Little Tips and Words of Wisdom and Inspiration on the Simplest of Pleasures by Isobel Carlson


What are your favorites?…..


P.S. Besides your local nurseries & garden centers, Home Depot, Target, and Terrain are also other great places to shop for gardening supplies.


*Photocredit: Various Sources:, Crabtree & Evelyn, Smith & Hawken


They’re Back… Muji’s Amazing Touchscreen Gloves!

I bought a pair of black wool mix unisex touchscreen gloves last year from Muji (also well-known for their awesome acrylic storage) and totally loved them for their warmth, softness, non-itchiness (which woolen products are notoriously known for), and touchscreen capability!  How awesome; no more having to take off my winter gloves to text on my phone in the cold!  I’ll never take this for granted!  Very sadly, a few months later, I lost mine and Muji had sold out of it many days ago (they were also not re-stocking due to the approach of Spring) =(.

I remember that after I first bought my pair, I loved them so much I mentioned it to my husband as we were trying to figure out what to get family members for Christmas.  He ended up buying a similar pair to Muji’s for his brother; who had a sparkle in his eyes when he found out they were even better than the original plain winter gloves on his wishlist.  Muji’s unisex gloves range from $19.95-$21.95.  Anyway, you get the point.  Go to Muji and check them out!  I just ordered a replacement; I’m one happy girl again! =)

*Photocredit: Muji



Third Time’s The Charm: Origins

I first tried an Origins product years ago; I believe it was a small bottle of milky makeup remover.  It was okay but didn’t leave a huge impression on me.  A few years later I was dorming at college and found out that one of my suitemates was an Origins fanatic.  Had I liked her personality more, I would have given Origins more of a chance back then (sad to say but true).  A few years ago, I bought a big pump bottle of their A Perfect World serum with White Tea along with a couple of eyeshadows and a lipstick.  I liked all of them just fine but somehow I still wasn’t in love with their products.  A few months ago I re-visited that same Origins store at Grand Central Terminal and fell in love with their Checks & Balances frothy face wash, Modern Friction exfoliator/gentle dermabrasion, Clear Improvement charcoal mask to clear pores, and GinZing eye cream to brighten and depuff.  One word of warning, Modern Friction can irritate your eyes so be very careful when you use it.  I haven’t used GinZing as consistently as I should so I can’t accurately review this product yet.  I do love all four thus far.  I have not purchased anything from their current makeup line so I cannot comment at this time.  The only thing I tested was a tinted moisturizer and a peachy pink blush (which I liked both but didn’t buy since I don’t need to replenish any cosmetics just yet).  Origins can be generous with samples so if you are interested in trying any of their products, I would ask for a sample before committing to a full size product (which is what I did before buying two of my full-sizes).  I would really love to go back to the GCT store for a free facial.  I think it would be a lot of fun to try more of their other products.  Another thing I love about Origins is they do offer some of their popular skincare staples in travel sizes.  Their logo is so pretty too!  I always notice the little things.

*Photocredit: Origins


Another Nifty Invention: Facial Shield

A few years ago while visiting Long Island, I happened upon a beauty supply store and found a facial shield that I thought my mom would like.  She ended up using this shield daily to protect her eyes from all that hairspray.  A few months ago, my freshly cut French styled bangs were annoying me enough that I had to borrow her shield to spray down my bangs.  I eventually ordered a Profiles Spa Belson FS online from Amazon for myself.  I really love it!  It does exactly this: “protects eyes from hairspray, reduces spray inhalation, keeps spray residue away from one’s face, and has an easy wipe or rinse-clean surface.”  It’s so convenient to have around so don’t delay and order one now!


Everything’s Coming Up Coldwater Creek

While searching for a small sea biscuit/sand dollar to complete my plans for a future beach-themed terrarium, I found a darling versatile ivory seed bead bracelet by Coldwater Creek.   I’ve often wondered about this brand…  Can I say Talbots meets Peruvian Connection?  Well, that’s my initial impression (all good) without having ever stepped into any of their stores (mainly because of location to me and nothing else).  I believe Meryl Streep’s character (Kay) in the movie, Hope Springs worked in CC sales.   A likeable character and an equally likeable brand.  I will have to visit a store someday should the opportunity present itself…

*Photocredit: Coldwater Creek

Guinea Pigs & Prada Totes: Essential Cedar…

When I think of cedar there are two very odd combinations of memories I hold; the first being the home of my childhood friend’s tortoiseshell guinea pig and the second, cedar closets storing the likes of chain-handled quilted Prada totes.  Strange eh?  While in The Container Store I warmed up to the idea of cedar blocks with the fragrance of lavender by Woodlore so I bought one box of four to try as well as a bottle of cedar & lavender spray to rejuvenate every 6 months.  I have to go back for more blocks =)…


*Photocredit: The Container Store


And Then There Was… Bronnley…

I’m still in love with the scent of oranges even though autumn is fast approaching and we’re entering into the world of creamy pumpkin scents (don’t get me wrong, I love those too!).  All through summer, my search had led me to Pacifica’s Tuscan Blood Orange & Nerola Orange Blossom, Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine, Mor’s Neroli Clementine, and now finally to Bronnley’s Orange & Jasmine (purchased at the NY Botanical Garden).  They are all such yummy scents and I can’t get enough of them =)!

*Photocredit: Pacifica, Neiman Marcus, Mor Cosmetics, Bronnley UK



Lisa Carrier’s Gorgeous Photo Frames

Oh I adore Lisa Carrier’s photo frames!  I own a Silver Feather and Starlet, both 3x4s.  I Facebooked her recently and she informed me that her photo frame collection along with other “LCD objects” will be available via catalog by this September!  I’m so excited to see more designs!  Jay Strongwater, Michael Aram, D.L. & Co., and Lisa Carrier has got to be my top four favorite artisans out there!

*Photocredit: One Kings Lane