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Organization Tip: Honey Can Do…

Just a short post regarding an affordable space saver which has worked wonders for me…  I like Honey Can Do and have been using various products by this brand for over a year now.  One of my favorites is the Over-the-Door Folding Hanger Holder in chrome.  I live in a small abode where space can be a luxury.  The hanger holder is hooked onto one of my closet doors which I keep conveniently open at all times.  I hang my dresses on this HCD gadget; it’s quite sturdy and does the trick!  Mine was purchased from

You can also use it like a valet stand of sorts by hanging outfit(s) for fast-approaching events, clothing to be altered/repaired, highlighting favorites from current season wardrobe, or new outfits you’d like to wear (reminder tool).

Amazon’s & HCD’s description of it:

  • “Hanger holder is 17-inches long x 2.875-inches in width x 3.375-inches in height
  • Soft lining protects door surface
  • Folds flat to 2-1/4-inch depth when not in use
  • Sturdy metal construction with a polished chrome finish
  • Hanger arm swings up and locks into place to offer ten storage slots
  • Works with all types of hangers and doors 1.25″ to 1.75″ thick”



honey can do over the door folding hanger holder chrome



On a Cold Winter’s Morning…

There are two things I cannot do without to begin the day right; a hearty breakfast and rejuvenating tea.   I am not much of a morning person but when I am fortunate enough to fit these things early into the day, it really doesn’t matter.  My nutritionist once said, a daily balanced diet should also look like an inverted triangle with breakfast being a bigger meal while dinner, a smaller one.  He was right.

I took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada this summer to attend my first Star Trek Convention (amazing!)  The hotel we stayed at served one of the most delicious teas I ever tasted; it was Organic Chamomile Blossoms by Tea Leaves.  With or without a sweetener, it’s superb!  It’s a great anytime drink with an added plus that chamomile has natural healing properties and is caffeine free.  I also love to end my day with a mug of it with a few pebbles of amber tea sugar thrown in.

So tea enthusiasts, add this delectable tea to your tea chest…

P.S. Makes a great gift…  I recently gave a few packets (tied with thick organza ribbon) and tins away as Christmas treats.

*Photocredit: Tea Leaves


Mad Bombers & Aviator Jackets

I’m not sure how I became fascinated with shearling aviator hats and aviator jackets?  Was it my passion for studying about American history, specifically World War I and World War II (though the Civil War was equally as intriguing) or the costumes which occasionally appeared on old comedy shows such as Abbott & Costello (my favorite growing up)?  One thing’s for sure, I was madly in love with the Amelia Earhart aviator jacket which appeared in a UGGs catalog shortly after the brand gained mass popularity.  I remembered pining over it for days; how expensive and unattainable it seemed.  When I had finally saved up for it, I had waited too long and it was totally sold out =(.  Winter, as usual, has peaked my interest in this particular style of outerwear and accessories once more…

P.S. Juicy Couture has created a chic faux twist (in dragonfruit) to our beloved Mad Bomber styled hats…

*Photocredit: Juicy Couture, Custom Jackets UK, Michael Kors, Mad Bomber, Various Sources.




Lights in the Night

I hope all of you have been enjoying your holidays.  They’re not over yet…  Though this is the Christmas season, I’d like to backtrack and post on some cute little Hallow’s Eve items I bought previously in the beginning of October created by Midwest*CBK.  An inexpensive way to spruce up a room during the holidays, be it Christmas or Halloween, are with the use of these darling nightlights.  One of my nephew’s stocking stuffers was an adorable snowman nightlight (showcasing several colors, one melting into the other) I picked up at CVS for just $4.99!  I love CBK’s mosaic apple and pumpkin (holds a flicker bulb) lights!  Christmas and Halloween are not just for kids ;)…

*Photocredit: Midwest*CBK

Filo Fancy

In the past few years I’ve gradually become increasingly disorganized =(; almost to the point of being unrecognizable.  I didn’t remedy this realization immediately…

One day I was rifling through my drawers (like a crazy lady) looking for blank Christmas cards and found my old planners from early 2000.  I remembered how much I used to love writing in them and having them close at hand like friends who wanted to see me succeed in the world.  I never gave up on making lists but did sadly give up on them.  They were too tiny to carry all that I wanted, even for 7″x 5″s; chalk it up to being a flaky Gemini.  The organization I had worked for also kept me dependent on their FREE desk-sized calendars and 8.5″x 10″ Weekly Monthly planners (with the nice two page monthly spread) so there was no need to think outside the box.

Then, someone mentioned Filofax recently… and I thought back to how dull they were when they first came out =( yuk!  Nothing like those ridiculously cute Kate Spades.   Though something in me wanted more out of life; I wasn’t living the way I wanted to so I was led to You Tube to check out current day Filofaxs (gotta love You Tube).  I couldn’t believe how nice they became; a real turnaround!  I’m at present moment smitten with the Malden (Vintage Pink [sadly discontinued] & Purple [only available across the pond in A5 but Personal size still available in the U.S. in limited quantities]), Finsbury (Raspberry [currently still available]), Chameleon (Raspberry [also regrettably discontinued]), and Luxe in A5 (Black Currant [out in 2013]).  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for purple =).  I’m also interested in converting a Filofax Compact into a functional wallet and thensome.

When I get the chance, I will post a special blog regarding my new Raspberry Finsbury and how I have it set up.  I will also include other helpful references just in case you would like to begin your own Filofax journey.  ‘Til next time…

*Photocredit: Various Sources


Names of health conscious bars/snacks which I enjoy from time-to-time.  These can be found at Shop Rite among other places.  They are all very tasty but I find that Luna bars are mildly more chalky than the others, Larabars are more cakey, and the Kind ones are pretty crunchy and sticky due to the fact that it’s really nuts and fruit stuck together with honey.  Of course the overall textures are dependent on the individual ingredients.  They have all been life savers at one point or another!  I try to always keep one or two in my purse.  You never know when hunger will strike… whether waiting at the bus stop, taking a train headed for home, or after a long hair salon appointment.   Some of these bars are also gluten-free, dairy free, vegan, and kosher; just read the labels before purchasing.  They receive a thumbs up from me.

*Photocredit: Luna, Lara, Kind

Talbots: My New Found Treasure

I’ve known about Talbots for years.  I never gave them a real chance when I was in my early 20s (currently in my 30s).  Even back then they carried basics and American classics; however, I believed they were for the more mature woman (nothing wrong with this but it didn’t appeal to me at the time).  Like JCrew and Banana Republic, over the years they have really revamped their designs in certain ways, so much it seems that I can sense a more inclusionary younger vibe.

My sister-in-law placed a teal Talbots tote two years ago on her wishlist which kind of planted a seed in my mind to look them up online.  Shortly after, my husband received a catalog from them and I browsed through it, falling madly in love with a fitted button down denim shirt (something I’ve always wanted to own).  I was quickly impressed by their quality, cut, and sizing (which fit me like a glove more than any other brand whether I was looking for a top, sweater, blazer, or pants).  As for sizing, they have something for everyone unlike other brands which cater to select populations.  My husband usually hates Christmas shopping especially at the mall, so I encouraged him to give our nearby Talbots a try.  Also, their customer service whether in-store or over-the-phone is impeccable.  Have you ever seen the way they package things too?  Always with great care and professionalism.  They get an A+++ from me!  I just bought their Gallery Cable Flyaway Cardi in frost grey heather and had to also order one in black!  Like any other girl who knows what’s good for her, anything which flatters your figure (picture you smiling at yourself in front of the mirror) is priceless =).  Even better, both my sweaters were purchased at drumroll please…  40% off (it’s a steal)!  I love my new cardis because they are beautifully made, thick, and soft to the touch.  I’m planning to wear this to my upcoming Christmas gatherings with a festive Anthro top and dressier Talbot jeans (the Curvy Fit black rinse trouser jeans to be precise).  I know you might find it odd that I mentioned Anthropologie and Talbots in the same sentence but they both have an important role to play in my closet.  Anthro offers whimsical retro silhouettes while Talbots offers sophisticated refined beauty.  That to me, when paired correctly creates a good fashion balance.

Give Talbots a chance; I guarantee you’ll want to become a new convert =)!  For those who are long time Talbot lovers…  I know you’re out there so comment below and tell me about your cherished finds ;)!

P.S. I’m nuts for their handbags, pearl necklaces, and shoes too!  Below are several of my favorites from this season…

*Photocredit: Talbots




HUE Cotton Leggings

Though I haven’t been in the jolliest of moods lately, I’ve been absent for way too long from the blogosphere and wanted to post on some exciting finds of late…

I first encountered the brand HUE many years ago in Bloomingdales’ flagship store.  I must admit that I wasn’t initially impressed with the quality of their hosiery (sorry, seemed scratchy) but did admire them for their playful patterns and bold colors.  At that time, I was more of a lover of basics and found those styles out of my comfort zone.  I have recently started shopping at a local Talbots and spotted their basket of HUE cotton leggings by the register and liked the feel of the fabric very much.  They seemed warm, well made, and with just the perfect amount of stretch.  Leggings are a very hit or miss item for me.  I do loveee my Tarte ones but wanted something thicker for the upcoming cooler months.  Now I’m urging you to give HUE leggings a try because I know what I’m talking about ;)- it’s LOVE!  I’m planning to hunt down their denim leggings as well; looks like something of interest =).

P.S. Talbots is having an extended 40% off sale currently so I bought my pair at a very reasonable $17.30 including tax.  Wish they had brown and grey in small, but my particular store ran out =(.  My best advice…  Hurry while you still can!!!

*Photocredit: HUE

HUE Cotton Leggings Black