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Filo Fancy Supplies & Accessories

A list of companies and brands I purchase from to custom my Filofax; currently it’s the Finsbury A5 in Pink =)…

Hallmark stickers

Stickopotamus binder stickers

Filofax USA

Filofax UK

Jet Pens

Pigma Micron Pens- available at, stationery stores, & Michaels Craft Stores


Peter Pauper Press

Any local stationery store

Recollections– available Michaels Craft Stores

Sticko by EK Success Brands– available Michaels Craft Stores

Stickety-Doo-Da by American Greetings– available

Stickers by Peaceable Kingdom Press


Washi Tape:

Shinzi Katoh (masking tape)

L’Adhesif Malin

eBay: chiogamimusume

eBay: lepapercafe

eBay: eclecticsupplies

Recollections– available Michaels Craft Stores

Any other recommends are welcome =)…


*Photocredit: NYCupcake


washi tape





Becca Mineral Blushes

Becca’s Songbird and Wild Honey mineral blushes have quickly become two of my collection faves.  Becca’s blushes goes on smooth with great color payoff and lasting power.  I was inspired by You Tube’s CamiLovesKiwi to give Becca Cosmetics a try.  I’m glad this brand is also available at Sephora.  Going to check out their lip products soon ;)!

*Photocredit: Becca Cosmetics



Gumback Express Smoothie

I had heard about this amazing product from Lush even before trying it.  At the time I came upon various posts regarding Gumback, the product was in discontinued status and was in high demand for a second wave of production.  A few months later I saw it re-offered online (yayyy, Lush really listens to their fans) and jumped on the Gumback Express and boy was I glad I did!  It is a great product- a treasure-find of an exfoliator!  It does a good job without being too abrasive and I love the scent (a sweet mild almond and banana)…  Moisturizing with a nice texture!  Smells good enough to drink ;)!  I finished my Gumback tub just yesterday =(.  This is definitely worthy of a re-purchase and I hope Lush will continue to offer it permanently!

  • Almond oil
  • Apricot oil
  • Ground almond shells
  • Orange blossom
  • Honey
  • Fresh bananas
  • Gardenia extract


*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics

lush gumback express exfoliator

Planning for Spring…

My Success Choice Planner has inspired me to make earlier plans for my Spring garden (perennial and planter).  It’s the perfect activity to enliven the typical idyllness of midwinter and to look forward to yet another exciting growing season!  My favorites are wildflower seed packets, but unfortunately, I have not had much luck with them.  This will not stop me from trying again.  Below are my top picks for gardening needs.  I hope I haven’t inadvertently left someone off my list…

Local nurseries:  Please support small business!

Jackson & Perkins



Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Charleston Gardens

Renee’s Garden Seeds

The Cottage Gardener

Easy To Grow Bulbs

White Flower Farm

*Photocredit: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Renee’s Garden Seeds, Jackson & Perkins



The Success Choice Planner

I’m a fan of Tracy Reinhardt on You Tube a.k.a. Crazy Suburban Mom.  She introduced me and many others to the praiseworthiness of The Success Choice planner (which I love!)  It keeps me in check and reminds me to take better care of myself and others, so what’s not to love about that?  The covers are made of gorgeous sueded leather!  I’m a proud owner of the chocolate brown with TSC inserts.  I love the smell of it and even the natural imperfections in the leather!  The best is when leather looks like it’s been carried around and loved.  So every night, I can be seen penning in my thoughts of the day/week/month and hopefully able to check numerous accomplishments off.  Must amp my routine up to earn those shiny gold stars!

The only small detail I would change about the binder are the ring sizes.  I feel bad to even suggest this because they are some of the biggest rings in the organizer industry; however, just even a half inch would go a long way to perfectly fit every one of those refills.   I’m aware that some people have been slightly bothered by the floppiness of the covers but I really don’t mind it because I always write against something which provides me with support.

My husband is a tech gadget guy but even he expressed an affinity towards this planner [he was also the one who excitedly opened the TSC package when it came, not me :/… ;)].  Also of note, it is more affordable than Filofax off-sale so you may want to check it out!

P.S. I usually write with Micron pens and it’s worked out very well with no bleeding through or smudging.  You might want to invest in some Microns or something similar.  I like black in 01 and 03 =).  By the way, Microns also work well with most any other paper, whether it be Day Runner or Filofax.


*Photocredit: The Success Choice Planner