Gorgeous Residential Architecture

These are pictures of two Tudors with turrets. They are magnificent! My second favorite are Colonials. I love homes that have interesting interiors e.g. built-in cabinets, a spiral stair casing, cathedral ceilings. Something that says “charm, charm, charm.” Pretty landscaping is also a big plus. I love japanese cherry trees, japanese maples (weeping or not), pink dogwoods, hybrid, tea, & miniature roses, hinoki, arbor vitae, hollies, mountain fire andromedas, cypresses, lilacs, honeysuckle, peonies, poppies, forsythia, japanese painted ferns, pink astilbes, oriental lillies, strawberries, etc. I love many plants that unfortunately do not thrive in my zone e.g. jasmine, plumeria, and French lavender to name a few.

*Please note: left pic photocredit to ElissaSCA and right pic photocredit to HistoricOmaha.net.

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