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Still Nuts Over Santi ;)

Santi makes the most perfect little clutches and evening purses. I could go on and on about them and I have in previous posts so I’ll just post some precious little pics and leave it at that…

I love the multi-color sequins and leather doughnut applique styles! So pretty and goes with everything! Santi is “collectible” worthy if you favor that type of handbag. I wish these handmade beauties cost a little less than they actually do (not that they’re that unreasonably priced). I find myself waiting for some kind of sales promotion before I can justify splurging on one. I do treasure my small collection though and hope to find more excuses to show them off a little- too cute to sit in dust bags day after day.

*Photocredit: Amazon

Carla Mancini & Bodhi Handbags

I’ve only discovered these two brands within the past two years. I’m sure they’ve been popular for much longer. The pics shown below are my favorites from CM and Bodhi during a recent online browsing. Though I haven’t changed my opinion regarding suede handbags (doesn’t fare well during rainy weather and therefore limits use), I still love suedes too much to not own one. My fave suede handbag is the chocolate braided Ginger Kooba DH bought for me as a B*Day present a few years ago. I’m babying that bag too much- I know, but it’s very special.

*Photocredit: Hautelook

Shana London Clutches

Just saw these lovelies today at Gilt. Though I’m not at all familiar with this brand, I love what I see already. I’ll have to look them up for you… These are fairly big clutches. Would love to own one. Shopping-wise I’m going through a clutch phase now, but I have a feeling that I will always be favoring one over a bulky satchel on date nights with DH. I like the pink with crystals, black with crystals, and fuchsia & rose gold pythons the best.

Wow, just found their website, and found these beauties that trump all others (beginning with the green gold Birthday mesh clutch). TDF! Unfortunately, the non-sale price for these are insane! Some are over $2000 USD.

*Photocredit: Gilt & Shana London

Heather Hawkins Clutches

After more online browsing, I found several pretty clutches by Heather Hawkins. Her designs are new to me but I think it’s because I’m a little behind on fashion trends. I wish that she could make a fully blue metallic clutch. That would go great with a denim outfit. If I had to choose one, Blind in Silver FairyDust is my fave. Here’s a sample of her designs below…

*Photocredit: Heather Hawkins

Marc Jacobs, Old & New & Louis Vuitton Shimmer Halo

Just found these pretty bags via ShopStyle. Beautiful but crazy expensive- priced like an inexpensive or pre-loved Chanel. The costs of creating designer bags from an industry point-of-view may be rising but the prices are becoming out-of-control. I’m mad at MJ for his continued price hikes. Some of his bags in the Spring 2009 Collection should be at least a few hundred dollars lower than they actually are. I’ve also included bags from other seasons and of course, his Stella, the one that started my love for this brand. I know I’m a little behind with LV but I love love love the Shimmer Halo from 2008 =), TDF!!!

*Photocredit: Various Sources

Foley + Corinna

F+C‘s Large City Bag is so unbelievably roomy. This is a bag that would also benefit from a Purse-To-Go. As much as I love its versatility, being that it’s a convertible bag, I wish it was more comfortable to carry- crossbody works best. It’s a bit too awkward for me. I wish I could be more enthusiastic about this bag since the design is so simple and yes, city chic. I’m glad they came out with a smaller City version and also a clutch version. The clutch is a must have… too cute ;). Oh, they also have a drop-dead gorgeous boutique in Manhattan. I need to check it out!

*Photocredit: Gilt & F+C

Bottega Veneta

I don’t even own one yet =(. Several years ago I remembered they had some pretty nice accessories. I haven’t visited any of their boutiques recently. Bluefly is offering a really nice over-sized petal pink tote in BV’s classical weave. I’ve recently become quite enamored with clutches and evening bags. I used to think they only looked great with fancy cocktail gowns- not true- they look great with a dressy top and a pair of jeans as well. It’s a small leap towards thinking outside the box. I would love to own the pretty evening clutch pictured below (especially in the green apple version). I recently saw that very clutch in a NM display case last weekend; it was practically glowing and yes, calling to me hehe– a graceful sleeping beauty.–>

*Photocredit: Various Sources