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Autumn & Winter Ready!

It’s like “JCrew and Urban Outfitters had a baby”, a friend had said…  so of course my attention was instantly captured!  Aritzia offers many wonderful basics with an interesting design twist; which is refreshing to see!  Here’s my current favorites… The Talula Trancas Jacket (a very versatile 3 season jacket, which one would never know from the online description) and TNA Botanie Jacket (slick lightweight bombers made popular last year which have carried over to this season) which means yayyy, I get a second chance since missing out last time ;)!  Also, all my orders always arrive prettily and professionally packaged; I’m very impressed :)!

*Addendum on February 9, 2015:

For those wondering about how the Talula Trancas coat detaches, here are some pics I hope you will find helpful.  Please feel free to ask more questions regarding this coat and I’ll do my best to clarify.

*Photocredit: Aritzia



A couple of weeks ago, I saw this cool Bagatelle cognac leather jacket on sale in a Neiman Marcus catalog. It’s a simple classic design that you may wear with a thin fitted hoodie underneath for a layered look or for extra warmth. Great when worn with a pair of jeans or black stylish chinos, like Ecru’s Russell chinos. It’s probably lined. As an aside, I must mention that I dislike when companies don’t have “inside/detail views” where appropriate e.g. handbags, coats, etc. The consumer has a right to know what they are spending their money on, especially when it’s an online purchase.

*Photocredit: Neiman Marcus