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Alterna’s Ten Duo

I ordered the shampoo and conditioner duo via sample sale recently since I’ve been trying to get my hands on them for the longest time.  Nice packaging but sad to say, this is not going to be much of a positive review:

Alterna’s 10 Science of Ten Shampoo: Good consistency.  So-so scent compared to other shampoos I’ve tried, whether they be luxury or not.  Made my hair soft during the lather but made my hair feel slightly stripped and plasticy during the rinse.  I accidentally got some shampoo in my right eye and I felt a terrible burning.  I’m pretty sure I hollered aloud.  Totally not for me!  I’m actually in shock there aren’t more negative reviews out there.  I have seen a few similar complaints to my own.

Alterna’s 10 Science of Ten Conditioner: Okay conditioner.  Didn’t like the smell; very alcohol =(!  Not sure if it’s the shampoo or the conditioner (though I suspect the conditioner) but my roots feel tingly like I just used a minty scalp treatment.  Overall, hair loss after combing so far has been similar to that of using Alterna’s White Truffle duo (a few strands which one should not fret over; it seems like part of a natural hair cycle).  I did use Kenra’s hair gloss post-rinse so I’m not sure if my soft hair after drying is due to this?  I should have held off on using the hair gloss to know for certain; sorry about this.

Expensive (even at sample sale prices) and with undesirable characteristics even worse than the most under-whelming of drug store brands.  I can’t even pass this duo to anyone else because of the eye irritation and the way the conditioner smells so I’m stuck with it =(.  I’m beyond disappointed.  Wanted to give Alterna another great review but can’t do this on a clear conscience.  I’m sticking to either my Alterna White Truffle products (hope they haven’t discontinued this wonderful collection) or my Orofluido hair products when I’ve earned a treat.

Alterna Ten Ingredients as per Alterna:

  1. Enzymetherapy
  2. Caviar Age-Control Complex
  3. French Champagne Quality Grape Seed Oil
  4. VOSS Artesian Water
  5. Photozyme Complex with Color Hold
  6. Bulgarian Evening Primrose
  7. African Cacao Extract
  8. Italian White Truffle
  9. Moroccan Quail Bark
  10. Hyaluronic Acid
  11. Amica Flower

*Photocredit: D Magazine


Orofluido Review

First I’d like to say, I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving =)…

I managed to snag a great deal on Orofluido at one of the recent sample sales.  You never know whether or not you will like a product by purchasing online without seeing it first.  I just decided to take a risk this time with their beauty elixir and it worked out well save that I wish I had purchased the shampoo and conditioner too.  I did a bit of searching and found some great deals on eBay.  I’ve tried the shampoo, hair mask, and elixir so far.  I really do like them a lot!  I noticed a big difference right away as soon as I started shampooing.  My hair became silky soft instantly!  This was not the typical product leaving your hair stripped and feeling plasticky during shampooing like many others.  Orofluido shampoo acted more like the best conditioner out there- which is absolutely amazing!  Also, I love the scent- a very sweet floral.  The hair mask did a great job, as did the elixir.  I usually use a wide-tooth comb after my shower to remove tangles.  There was barely any hair loss versus the usual for me (several strands).  The downside to Orofluido is that it’s normally very expensive (like Kerastase) and the bottles are only 6.7 fl.oz.  compared to the usual 8 fl.oz.  I would suggest waiting for a good deal if you would like to splurge a little.

*Photocredit: ebeautyshop.com

Alterna’s White Truffle

Alterna has been receiving such excellent reviews from so many people that I decided to give them a try.  I’ve been using Alterna’s White Truffle Private Reserve & Caviar products (shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum) for a couple of months now and give them the thumbs up.  I really like what they have done for my hair: soft, silky, shiny, and lightly fragranced with no signs of harsh drying to my hair or scalp =).  I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to splurge a little.  Shop around; you can definitely find White Truffle at better prices.  If anyone is wondering about the scent, I would definitely describe it as a sweet floral.  Below is an official description of their product…

“Alterna White Truffle Shampoo is a luxurious shampoo that combines Alterna’s enzymetherapy with rare ingredients such as European White Truffle Oil to provide the most effective natural cleansing system. Alterna White Truffle Shampoo’s phyto-organically derived surfactant system provides the most effective natural cleansing system.

Alterna White Truffle Shampoo features European truffle oil, the planet’s richest source of B vitamins. Nutrient-activating enzymes and an exclusive luxury blend infuse the scalp and hair with vital nutrients for added conditioning, moisture, elasticity and extraordinary shine. Full spectrum UV protection. Alterna White Truffle Shampoo is ideal for daily use and safe for chemically-treated hair.

Alterna White Truffle Conditioner contains an exclusive formula that provides the ultimate conditioning by combining Alterna’s enzymetherapy with rare ingredients from around the world. Alterna White Truffle Conditioner is a unique hydro-thermally activated conditioning system locks in moisture and nutrients to revitalize each hair follicle without weighing hair down.

Alterna Caviar Hair Elixir strengthens your hair beyond visible damage and protect its future health. This weightless, non-greasy spray can be used by itself or turned into an intensive reparative treatment without compromising product performance. The result is healthy hair that looks and feels silky, radiant, and simply beautiful.”

Reference: Haircare USA & Ulta