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Potpourri & Diffusers

I’m starting to get back into using potpourri and diffusers around my house.  It’s a very simple way to dress up parts of your home, create themes/a desired ambiance, and freshen up stale air.  Below are some of my favorites; what are some of yours?…

Hillhouse Naturals

Altru Gamillah


D.L. & Co.

Bath & Body Works

Pier 1



Historic tour & botanical garden gift shops sometimes sell these products too!

…or better yet, make a diffuser simply by purchasing a pretty container (you may already have something perfect), reed sticks, and a lovely medley of essential oils!  Now this sounds like fun :)!

*Photocredit: Lafco

lafco duchess peony diffuser

Hillhouse Naturals

I always find wonderful little treasures at the New York Botanical Garden’s book/gift store.   This time I picked up a Hillhouse Naturals Bloom sachet for my closet.   It’s an enduring floral fragrance.  Love it!  It’s the best sachet I’ve ever purchased.  Please visit their website.  They carry a wide selection of home fragrance products such as potpourri, candles, oils, fragrance mist, sachets, pillar candles, and even have a body care line.

*Photocredit: Hillhouse Naturals