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Shana London Clutches

Just saw these lovelies today at Gilt. Though I’m not at all familiar with this brand, I love what I see already. I’ll have to look them up for you… These are fairly big clutches. Would love to own one. Shopping-wise I’m going through a clutch phase now, but I have a feeling that I will always be favoring one over a bulky satchel on date nights with DH. I like the pink with crystals, black with crystals, and fuchsia & rose gold pythons the best.

Wow, just found their website, and found these beauties that trump all others (beginning with the green gold Birthday mesh clutch). TDF! Unfortunately, the non-sale price for these are insane! Some are over $2000 USD.

*Photocredit: Gilt & Shana London

Rose Gold, The New “It” Color

Not all designers have utilized rose gold leather as well as in this particular Mini Nikki Rebecca Minkoff pictured below. The minimalistic design flawlessly highlights the rose gold; a perfect design and hardware placement that highlights instead of competes.

As an aside, I prefer rose gold to yellow or white gold and love that it has become more widely used in jewelry than in the past.

*Photocredit: Bluefly