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Pedicure Recommendations

This post is about some of the great affordable products I use for my at-home pedicures.  As an aside, I’m planning to review several Lush footcare products in the near future. I’m glad there are some quality products out there since I do greatly benefit from more frequent pedicures and don’t always want to go to salons to get them done.

Foot Pumice Bar:  I’ve been trying to Google the exact one I use to no avail =(.  Sorry.  I did manage to find something very much like it called Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar which can be purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply or Amazon.com (~$1.99-$3.00).  Do your feet a favor and pick one up!  It really works very well!  It’s not too harsh and leaves my feet nice and smooth (heels and problem spots) and is the best I’ve ever used.  It’s washable and reusable; I just give it a quick rinse, tapping excess water off, and let it air dry.  Mine is a bright green.  I believe I may have purchased it from CVS.  Not sure if it’s part of their Essence of Beauty Collection?

Spongeables: With soap infused.  It cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes (~$5.00 each).  I’ve done a review previously regarding Spongeables.  It’s a must-have!  I generally purchase mine from CVS.

OPI Pedicure:  I’ve used Soak and Soften and really love both their scent and their affect on my skin.  Highly recommend them!  I also suggest for you to purchase a mini set or variety sampler.  It will run ~$45.00 for 4.2 fl.oz. trial size x 6 (e.g. Soak, Soften, Mask, Smooth, Scrub, & Massage).  You can find trial sets on eBay or just do a Google search.

*Photocredit: Mr. Pumice, Spongeables, & OPI

Spongeables: Applause Hand Buffer

This incredible sponge (purchased from my local CVS) really protected my skin from the harsh wintry weather last year so I had to do a review on this incredible product; especially with the cold already setting in!  The Applause Hand Buffer, offered in the scent Honey Lotus-Quince, is very pleasant, sweet, and mild, cleanses well, and softens skin at least as well as Spongeables boasts.  I typically use this product with warm water before bed and I do apply more lotion on afterwards (only because my skin is normally so cracked and dry during this time of year).  I figure extra measures can only help.

*Photocredit: Spongeables


I’m CRAZY about these sponges! They are infused with moisturizers, glycerin cleansers, and different fragrances e.g. passion flower, blue ocean, citrus coconut, and purple fields (lavender) to name a few. I bought a bunch to give as stocking stuffers this Christmas. I’ve only bought from CVS so far but below is a link to their main site. Enjoy!


Phtocredit: Spongeables
Photocredit: Spongeables