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Round A Belt

While walking around The Container Store one Saturday, I lifted my gaze and spotted the perfect belt organizer to suit my needs.  It was the Round A Belt organizer by Evriholder Products LLC.  I wish I had known about this holder years ago!  I normally wear belts to adjust my jeans but over the years have acquired several thin dressy ones used to cinch dresses or re-adjust dress pant waists (many times they are included with the clothing purchase).  This organizer can hold quite a bit but I wouldn’t suggest over-loading it.  Other great features are, it’s a very convenient sorter and has kept my closet looking neat, with the ease of finding a good match for my overall outfit.  I’ve also seen crafters use the Round A Belt to organize their ribbons and trims.

Cost: ~$7.99

*Photocredit: The Container Store

RoundABelt belt organizer

Guinea Pigs & Prada Totes: Essential Cedar…

When I think of cedar there are two very odd combinations of memories I hold; the first being the home of my childhood friend’s tortoiseshell guinea pig and the second, cedar closets storing the likes of chain-handled quilted Prada totes.  Strange eh?  While in The Container Store I warmed up to the idea of cedar blocks with the fragrance of lavender by Woodlore so I bought one box of four to try as well as a bottle of cedar & lavender spray to rejuvenate every 6 months.  I have to go back for more blocks =)…


*Photocredit: The Container Store


Storage Recommendation: The Container Store Like-It® Translucent Stacking Drawers

Been loving The Container Store’s Like-It® Translucent Stacking Drawers!  Some models come in translucent white or translucent smoke to compliment your decor.  I’m impressed how sturdy they are as well as how much they can hold.  I’ve been storing toiletries e.g. bar soap, body butters, and massage bars in mine.  They are also ideal for storing cosmetics (including nail polish upright; see picture #3) and hair care products.

*Photocredit: The Container Store