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The Glitter of Manhattan Portage…

This time all that glitters is gold!  With it’s many great features of generous depth to fit more on-the-go necessities, leather-free, overall practicality (and even comes with velcro silencing patches), and attractive styling (eye catchingly glittery non-glitter good whether for day or night), I knew I had to own a bag from Manhattan Portage’s newly introduced Midnight Collection.  I first saw the collection at the Manhattan Portage/Token flagship store located on Elizabeth Street in New York, but regretfully realized later on I should have purchased something from the Midnight Collection that very visit.   You know how it goes when something you like lingers on your mind ;)…  Well, maybe waiting became a virtue because months later, the Midnight Collection was further expanded with such awesome designs such as the mini messenger pictured below.  Had to snag that baby up!

*Photocredit: Manhattan Portage

Talbots: My New Found Treasure

I’ve known about Talbots for years.  I never gave them a real chance when I was in my early 20s (currently in my 30s).  Even back then they carried basics and American classics; however, I believed they were for the more mature woman (nothing wrong with this but it didn’t appeal to me at the time).  Like JCrew and Banana Republic, over the years they have really revamped their designs in certain ways, so much it seems that I can sense a more inclusionary younger vibe.

My sister-in-law placed a teal Talbots tote two years ago on her wishlist which kind of planted a seed in my mind to look them up online.  Shortly after, my husband received a catalog from them and I browsed through it, falling madly in love with a fitted button down denim shirt (something I’ve always wanted to own).  I was quickly impressed by their quality, cut, and sizing (which fit me like a glove more than any other brand whether I was looking for a top, sweater, blazer, or pants).  As for sizing, they have something for everyone unlike other brands which cater to select populations.  My husband usually hates Christmas shopping especially at the mall, so I encouraged him to give our nearby Talbots a try.  Also, their customer service whether in-store or over-the-phone is impeccable.  Have you ever seen the way they package things too?  Always with great care and professionalism.  They get an A+++ from me!  I just bought their Gallery Cable Flyaway Cardi in frost grey heather and had to also order one in black!  Like any other girl who knows what’s good for her, anything which flatters your figure (picture you smiling at yourself in front of the mirror) is priceless =).  Even better, both my sweaters were purchased at drumroll please…  40% off (it’s a steal)!  I love my new cardis because they are beautifully made, thick, and soft to the touch.  I’m planning to wear this to my upcoming Christmas gatherings with a festive Anthro top and dressier Talbot jeans (the Curvy Fit black rinse trouser jeans to be precise).  I know you might find it odd that I mentioned Anthropologie and Talbots in the same sentence but they both have an important role to play in my closet.  Anthro offers whimsical retro silhouettes while Talbots offers sophisticated refined beauty.  That to me, when paired correctly creates a good fashion balance.

Give Talbots a chance; I guarantee you’ll want to become a new convert =)!  For those who are long time Talbot lovers…  I know you’re out there so comment below and tell me about your cherished finds ;)!

P.S. I’m nuts for their handbags, pearl necklaces, and shoes too!  Below are several of my favorites from this season…

*Photocredit: Talbots




Stephanie Dawn

Stephanie Dawn is another brand I have uncovered with my new-found love for Vera Bradley’s quilted accessories.  I believe that there is a place for every brand in the fashion and accessories world because everyone has something unique to offer to an audience of equally varying likes and dislikes.  I do favor Vera Bradley’s products slightly more; however, from Stephanie Dawn, I adore their Bloom Dance print!  Just tugs at my heartstrings- I’m a color, pattern, texture fiend!  Stephanie Dawn currently has plans to sell from their online website however this plan is still under construction.  You may find Stephanie Dawn at the time of this post at CCJC.  As an aside, I’ve been overall pleased with the customer service I’ve received from CCJC.  They are easy to reach by phone and are very willing to provide assistance.

*Addendum: December 28, 2012

Something made me think of them today so I checked the .net site and they have officially launched!  Yayyy!

*Photocredit: CCJC

Thoughts on Vera Bradley

I’ve finally changed my mind about Vera Bradley. I didn’t like the brand when there was a craze several+ years ago. I’m normally a big fan of leather designer bags and definitely still am. Recently I spotted the pattern called “Sittin’ in a Tree” and I think it’s cute and has a younger vibe to it. I also like the retired pattern, Americana very much. I bought my mom, as one of her Christmas presents this year, a Poppy Fields Villager (I considered the Pleated tote too but liked the interior pockets of the Villager slightly more). It’s good to finally have a bag that I’m not afraid to use and it’s machine washable (colors have not faded on my totes yet post-wash). I feel a little more connected to my past (to the hot pink, down-to-earth bag which was my first love- the one with generous compartments)…  I like the Villager, Pleated, Bowler, Carried Away (this one is humongous) styles.  My MIL bought me a Gabby for Christmas and I’m glad she did because I most likely would not have considered this particular style on my own; consequently nor would I have discovered how wonderful it is.  My current favorite patterns are Americana, Apple Green, Imperial Toile, Sittin’ in a Tree, Folkloric, Make Me Blush, and Poppy Fields.  What are your favorites?  I have to know!

*Photocredit: Vera Bradley

Leigh & Luca Totes: Love at First Sight & My Go-To Type of Bag

I fell in love instantly with Leigh & Luca’s canvas totes.  I first saw them offered on Gilt.  I opted for the pretty dragonfly one.  I was so happy when it finally arrived and couldn’t wait to carry it straightaway.  They are great everyday bags and my go-to type of bag for traveling (that and their awesome scarves)!  Smartly styled and generous space for all your stuff.  I also love the chain detailing.  If you have not checked them out already; you MUST take a look!!!  I couldn’t imagine going anywhere without them now (they somehow remind me of the comforts of home, I know kinda crazy to say eh?)!  I think it’s because the materials they are made from are so soft.  Guess what I’m especially bringing on my next trip =)?

*Photocredit: Gilt & Leigh & Luca


Looking for a new shopping or school/study tote?  Look no further.  Maptotes is a cute and affordable solution to every day needs.  I especially love their denim and organic cotton styles =).  I was just wondering the other day why companies like 7FAM or Rock & Republic haven’t released a collection of denim bags?….  It’s to my surprise since they specialize in denimwear.

*Photocredit: Gilt & Maptotes

Longchamp Handbags

For a while, I stayed away from this brand because it seemed like it was becoming an all too overly popular sensation with their Planetes signature style tote; which I happened to dislike at the time for whatever reason.  A couple years later I noticed their Cosmos bowler at a local handbag boutique and fell in love with it- the sparkly leather exterior and star strewn lining couldn’t be denied =).  I decided to give Longchamp another chance.  They also offer great men’s leather wallets- classic and gorgeous.  Below I have selected my top Longchamp styles.  The Roseau in ebony and the Rival in indigo blue patent makes me purrrr…

*Photocredit: Longchamp

Katherine Kwei at Gilt

Today was the KK sale. I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would see something from her Spring 2009 Collection, and I did =)! I posted my top picks from the sale below. At regular price, her bags are tres expensive so this was considered a pretty good sale. I personally don’t care for the new canvases done in powder blue/periwinkle but the knotted design is really beautiful. The new moss tote is really nice and was offered at a good price. I’ve realized that I prefer her handbags and accessories with color contrast. While the Edna Shopper done in wine is gorgeous, I do prefer the wine colored knot design against black leather rather than a tonal effect of top to bottom wine. For a red lover, it’s probably euphoria. My top choice for a cute summer bag is the Donna Large Hobo in salmon. Please remember to double click on all pics for enlargement.

*Photocredit: Gilt

Marc Jacobs, Old & New & Louis Vuitton Shimmer Halo

Just found these pretty bags via ShopStyle. Beautiful but crazy expensive- priced like an inexpensive or pre-loved Chanel. The costs of creating designer bags from an industry point-of-view may be rising but the prices are becoming out-of-control. I’m mad at MJ for his continued price hikes. Some of his bags in the Spring 2009 Collection should be at least a few hundred dollars lower than they actually are. I’ve also included bags from other seasons and of course, his Stella, the one that started my love for this brand. I know I’m a little behind with LV but I love love love the Shimmer Halo from 2008 =), TDF!!!

*Photocredit: Various Sources