Cleobella’s Mexicana

September 9th, 2015 Posted in accessories, Fashion, Handbags | No Comments »

For any of you who own anything from Cleobella’s famous Mexicana collection, I’d love to hear from you…  It looks like a lovely product to own and I can imagine a hardworking artisan lovingly pouring hours into its creation…  Please let me know your thoughts below.  XOXO

*Photocredit: Cleobella

Prana Accessories

November 19th, 2008 Posted in Handbags, Trips | No Comments »

I admit that I don’t do yoga or pilates but I love the clothing and accessories associated with them. Yoga clothing is really comfortable so now I make it a point to wear it during my travels abroad (especially for long car or plane rides). I love Beyond Yoga and Prana. I also love Title Nine and The Y Catalog. Know of any other good yoga companies or want to share how yoga has enriched your life? Please write me… For now, here are some cute bags from Prana.