Cleobella’s Mexicana

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For any of you who own anything from Cleobella’s famous Mexicana collection, I’d love to hear from you…  It looks like a lovely product to own and I can imagine a hardworking artisan lovingly pouring hours into its creation…  Please let me know your thoughts below.  XOXO

*Photocredit: Cleobella

Salvatore Ferragamo

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I’m fascinated with the pretty horseshoe logo and logo hardware on the handbags. I wish I owned a handbag by this designer. My ex-boyfriend’s sister, Debbie, used to own nothing but Ferragamo- she was an SF addict. The handbags have always been well-made but this brand overall never seemed to reach the acclaim as Prada has and I’m not sure why? Here are some pretty picks from today’s SF sale at Ruelala. I love the Sophia satchel and Ava Violet hobo best.

*Photocredit: Ruelala

Current Season Coach

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I received an email from Coach and decided to take a look. I haven’t bought from Coach in a really long time. A few weeks ago I went into their Westchester boutique and saw a couple of really pretty bags (the non-trendy ones mostly of solid black or brown e.g. Madison line). I love their coachman logo. The metallic leathers are my favorite from this season. Their rose gold leather is stunning. Coach’s Madison Metallic Fringe Tote reminds me so much of Serpui Marie’s Tina Turner Fringe Tote.

*Photocredit: Coach

Lesa Wallace Sale

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Okay, back to my little corner of the world… I really love Wallace’s designs. Kinda reminds me of Tylie Malibu a little because of the semi-raw look to the leathers and rock-n-roll western feel of the designs. Any other Lesa Wallace fans out there?

*Photocredit: Haute Look

Hayden-Harnett 2009 Collection Highlights

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I was bored last night and decided to browse a little online (okay, I was sent a H-H reminder that their new stuff for Spring was available for pre-order)… So here are the highlights. I’m infatuated with their cute ginko print. Can’t wait for the sales ;)…

*Photocredit: Hayden-Harnett

Fab Juicy Couture Finds

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These are my top choices…

*Photocredit: Ruelala

Fave Anthro 2008 Handbags & Accessories

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*Photocredit: Anthropologie