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As part of my 2019 goal of self-care and relaxation, I purchased a 3 month flex membership to my local Spavia back in September.  Being that I had such a rough 2019, it was time to do something special for myself for a change.  Spavia currently has many locations throughout the United States and are planning to add even more.  So far I’ve tried several of their services including facials, massages, and body treatments and a fair number of their products (Pure Fiji, Sanitas, Sonoma Lavender Company, Chella, etc.) and have been overall very impressed.  An added plus that their pricing is fair for the quality of service received.   A guest advisor at the front desk will bring you to the changing area, show you around, and see to your needs.  I’ve found the dressing room to be quiet, neat, and clean.  There you can find just about anything you will require to be comfortable.  A locker is provided for each client to safely stow away his or her belongings.  Even their cozy lounge feels like a home away from home.  The lounge is where your esthetician or massage therapist will escort you to and from your treatment.  Whoever created Spavia put a lot of thought into every little detail and it hasn’t gone unnoticed ;).  If you are searching for an ideal spot to have a head to toe spa retreat/relax package than this place is for you.  I will chat more about Pure Fiji’s and Sonoma Lavender Company’s products in future posts.

*Photo Credits: Spavia


Lush Cosmetics’ Facial Masks

I’ve tried a few of Lush’s face masks and really love them!  These are the ones I’ve tried for my combination, mildly sensitive skin (recommended via a Lush consult)…

Cupcake: Great for oily or spotty skin.

Catastrophe Cosmetic: A blueberry infused maintenance mask.

Love Lettuce: Balancing mask for all skin types.

BB Seaweed: A gentle seaweed mask for sensitive skin.

You will easily get 3+ uses from each regular-sized container ~2.1 oz.  Please remember to refrigerate as soon as you get home since they can spoil easily (all made from fresh ingredients be it fruits or veggies, essential oils, clays, and herbs and can only be purchased at a Lush store for this reason).  I also wouldn’t recommend purchasing more than two at a time since they are meant to be used once to twice a week as a facial treatment.  From my experience, they can be safely kept in one’s fridge for 2 to 2.5 weeks without worry of spoilage.  Also, when you “Take Back 5” (5 containers of any size #5 recyclable plastic), you will receive 1 free 2.1 oz. face mask which is quite an awesome deal =)!  Another wonderful detail about Lush is the ability to sample the mask on your skin at the store.  I hope you will give them a try; they have quickly become a repurchase must for me =).


*Photocredit: Lush Cosmetics

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