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The Bird House

My last trip to Cape May brought us to The Bird House of Cape May as we were making our way home after a very nice visit and needed vacation.  I picked up a couple of goodies while at the shop… a beautiful tasseled throw with impeccable weaving (on it was a calming beach scene and a sweet Adirondack styled chair) and a cotton nesting ball especially for my feathered friends.

My recent favorite has been Wild Birds Unlimited.  I usually frequent the Katonah-Bedford Hills, Westchester New York location.  They sell both supplies and bird themed gifts.  I bought most of my stocking stuffers there this season.  The prices tend to be mid-range.  I consider them a local treasure.  They have a number of other locations as well across the United States.  They have the best customizable bird feeding station I’ve ever seen!

*Photocredit: The Bird House of Cape May in NJ & Wild Birds Unlimited


Names of health conscious bars/snacks which I enjoy from time-to-time.  These can be found at Shop Rite among other places.  They are all very tasty but I find that Luna bars are mildly more chalky than the others, Larabars are more cakey, and the Kind ones are pretty crunchy and sticky due to the fact that it’s really nuts and fruit stuck together with honey.  Of course the overall textures are dependent on the individual ingredients.  They have all been life savers at one point or another!  I try to always keep one or two in my purse.  You never know when hunger will strike… whether waiting at the bus stop, taking a train headed for home, or after a long hair salon appointment.   Some of these bars are also gluten-free, dairy free, vegan, and kosher; just read the labels before purchasing.  They receive a thumbs up from me.

*Photocredit: Luna, Lara, Kind