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La Fiorentina Fashion Phones

For Christmas I received a cute and useful pair of black earmuffs + headphones from my husband’s family.  I really like them =)!  Not only do they keep my ears warm, they also allow me to listen to my favorite songs on-the-go.  The description states they are compatible with any standard 3.5mm jack socket.  They also feature volume control, if anyone was wondering ;).  I was this close (thumb and index finger barely touching) to purchasing a similar pair from the holiday Juicy Couture sale, so I’m glad I prevented myself from giving in.

*Photocredit: ShopStyle.com

shopstyle earmuff headphones

La Fiorentina

My mind is still swirling over the sumptuous beautiful La Fiorentina furs offered at yesterday’s Gilt sample sale. If I had to pick two from the pile, it would definitely be, the mink slip-through muffler in blue and the mink fluted wrap in black. To be fair it was a tough choice, leaving one almost paralyzed in thought while the timer counts down; so many lovely furs and you couldn’t go wrong either way! La Fiorentina doesn’t seem to have their own website. I tried googling- just about everything, but if you know of it, please leave a comment.

*Photocredit: Gilt