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Fantasies of Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab

We were on the way to have dinner in Manhattan with my husband’s old college buddy and his family this past Friday.  Since we arrived earlier that afternoon to expressly browse through some shops, like McNulty’s Tea & Coffee on Christopher Street, I happened to also tack on a quick walk to Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab located in Soho.  Too bad they were getting ready for a private party since I would have had an old favorite lipstick remade… a beautiful mid-tone pink I can’t seem to find a good dupe for believe it or not though I’ve looked everywhere and driven various SAs mad over it in the process.  I will have to schedule an appointment one of these days.  I heard that they do an amazing job so I can hardly wait ;)!

Amore Pacific Spa in Soho NY (My Favorite Spa)

I saw an article about Amore Pacific Spa in Daily Candy in August 2003. At that time I only knew of Bliss Spa in Soho, NY and was unable to get an appointment at the time I would have preferred. I’ve tried several different spas since Amore and still think it’s the best. I only buy from their skincare line because their formulas are light and leave my skin radiant and soft. I’m very particular with product scents and love Amore’s scents of green tea and bamboo. Many of their cleansers can remove makeup effortlessly (I’ve never experienced anything like it). They can also be quite generous with their samples. My first of the elemental treatments was “tree.” Oni was my aesthetician at that time. She was very petite but boy could she massage like a Sven… like she was an eight-armed Buddhist deity…haha! I miss her the most; she was a very nice person and I wish her nothing but the best….. I wish I could spa monthly but it can be quite costly. Here are some pictures of Amore; every time I see pictures of it, I could almost hear their fountains gently trickling water in the backdrop. Even sitting in the waiting area and taking in the beauty of this spa with my cup of green tea is therapeutic to me.