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Mad Bombers & Aviator Jackets

I’m not sure how I became fascinated with shearling aviator hats and aviator jackets?  Was it my passion for studying about American history, specifically World War I and World War II (though the Civil War was equally as intriguing) or the costumes which occasionally appeared on old comedy shows such as Abbott & Costello (my favorite growing up)?  One thing’s for sure, I was madly in love with the Amelia Earhart aviator jacket which appeared in a UGGs catalog shortly after the brand gained mass popularity.  I remembered pining over it for days; how expensive and unattainable it seemed.  When I had finally saved up for it, I had waited too long and it was totally sold out =(.  Winter, as usual, has peaked my interest in this particular style of outerwear and accessories once more…

P.S. Juicy Couture has created a chic faux twist (in dragonfruit) to our beloved Mad Bomber styled hats…

*Photocredit: Juicy Couture, Custom Jackets UK, Michael Kors, Mad Bomber, Various Sources.




Michael Kors Decorative Pillows

I’ve been wanting to spruce up the look of our family room by adding lighter colors to the current decor. The simplest way I thought to make improvements was to search for sofa pillows. It’s a non-drastic solution that’s relatively inexpensive to do compared to other ideas. Last week I found these great ivory MK square pillows at Ideeli. They were ~$30.00 each. These pillows come in a yummy butter color too. They will look great with our celedon brushed cotton canvas Driftwood sofa. Can’t wait until they arrive!


Gypsy 05, Notte by Marchesa, Michael Kors

Three really terrific dresses I saw over this weekend while online browsing. I especially love the Gypsy 05 black faded ombre with foil leaf print on Jessica Alba. Her coordinating accessories are a grey-silver cotton scarf, Matt Bernson gold gladiator sandals (not shown in pic below), and what I believe is a Prada shirred lambskin flap messenger bag in silver. The effect is stunning.

*Photocredit: Tabloid Fashion