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Lush Review: Tang Bath Cocktail

This bath cocktail is a small reward for all the recent organizational milestones reached so far and for the 5 big loads of laundry I did yesterday (quite exhausting).  Very Tang in color and scent (orange, citrusy).  This may seem rather strange, but the woodsiness of this bath also reminded me of pre-lit orange incense.  …

My Little Pony Special Projects

NYCupcake’s Pampered Ponies Spa

Lickety-Split was part of my first batch of spa-goers.  She signed up for “the works”/Day of Beauty Deluxe Package  =)); and for good reason… Her spa package included a shampooing, deep conditioning, luxury bath, and hairstyling, with no symbol touch-ups needed. *Special thanks to my husband who photographed LS (excluding first two pictures, which were …