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Spa Retreat

First LUSH Spa in the USA

Oh how sweet this is!  Finally the LUSH Spas are almost here!  I’ve been waiting for this wonderful news for quite some time.  Early 2014 in Manhattan/New York City, followed closely by a second location in Philadelphia they said =)!  Here are some highlights from their spa menu… Synaesthesia- Signature spa treatment The Comforter- Exfoliation …

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Lush Review: Tang Bath Cocktail

This bath cocktail is a small reward for all the recent organizational milestones reached so far and for the 5 big loads of laundry I did yesterday (quite exhausting).  Very Tang in color and scent (orange, citrusy).  This may seem rather strange, but the woodsiness of this bath also reminded me of pre-lit orange incense.  …

My Little Pony Special Projects

NYCupcake’s Pampered Ponies Spa

Lickety-Split was part of my first batch of spa-goers.  She signed up for “the works”/Day of Beauty Deluxe Package  =)); and for good reason… Her spa package included a shampooing, deep conditioning, luxury bath, and hairstyling, with no symbol touch-ups needed. *Special thanks to my husband who photographed LS (excluding first two pictures, which were …