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Highly Recommended: The Body Shop’s Body Butters

This is a quick two thumbs up for The Body Shop’s body butters.  I love this product because it’s very moisturizing (I have extremely dry skin during winter) without feeling oily, wonderfully scented (scent endures), and is offered in both mini and full sizes.  I don’t usually like jar packaging; I much prefer pump products …

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Lush Review: Smurfette’s Bath Cocktail

I had a refreshing and enjoyable bath cocktail today.  Florally sweet and watermelon red.  This bath would have been a favorite of Smurfette… 1 Cinders Bath Ballistic: It does remind me of cinnamon, sweet orange, and apple juice.  Very quick fizz.  I only wish this bath bomb was bigger since bath ballistics normally aren’t cheap.  …