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A Review of Ninjas Candles & Melts

You Tube’s Pookie Tanner did multiple in-depth reviews of this new company, Ninjas Candles & Melts, a few months ago and based on what I saw was encouraged to try a few of their products.  I’m so impressed with the quality of their 100% soy products (clean & fairly even burn, unique offerings, vibrant scent throw & scent endurance, attentive customer service, and thoughtful packaging).  So much pretty details that I can tell great pride has been put into every order =).  I highly recommend their products without hesitation and will probably put in another order once I get through with all the goodies from my initial one.  I received a gorgeous sterling silver 1.5″ 4 leaf clover mother-of-pearl pendant from one of their Fresh Bamboo Jewelry Candles (pictured below)!  Currently I’m enjoying a travel-sized candle in tin in the scent, Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper… yummy loveliness!  Go explore Ninjas ;)!

*Photocredit: NYCupcake

Lovely Leelah

While at Cape May, I also ventured into a cozy little spiritual store, named Good Scents, filled with many exciting new things I haven’t really seen anywhere else yet =).  You can also find further info about the shop’s variety of incense here.  In the back was a Leelah hoodie I instantly feel in love with!  It was their Honey Love design (“Life is the Flower for which Love is the Honey”).  Comfortable, soft, pretty, great for everyday (and for yoga!), and fits me very well.  Later that week, I decided to explore the company’s site.  All of a sudden, I remembered that one of my local boutiques also carries a few items from their clothing and accessories line (Leelah makes very distinctive-looking products).  What I really love besides their clothing is their full-size spiral notebooks and mini books.  It is perfect for the Filofax lover, like myself or someone who regularly gets lost in their imagination and enjoys doodling or journaling…  all you have to do is re-punch the paper to fit your chosen organizer or slide a mini book into its planner pocket.  As an aside, if you are a big fan of letter stationery, you can do the same.  My daily organizer is an A5 so this works out perfectly =).  Just wanted to share my thoughts especially with those who like customing/decorating their Filofax.  I know how much joy that brings to me.  I’ve featured a few of my favorites below and you can catch a “virtual” glimpse of Good Scents.

*Photocredit:  Leelah & Good Scents @


A Place on Earth’s Delicious Scented Wax Melts

A Place on Earth in Cape May, New Jersey can easily be considered heaven on Earth.  Nestled in the basement of what used to be the old Ocean Street bank is this wonderful little south Jersey secret.  I had way too many soaps to justify more bath purchases but my Scentsy burner certainly needed a scented wax melt replenish.  These are the drizzle and herbal bars by Swan Creek Candle Company I came away with that day… Snickerdoodle, Roasted Espresso, Crisp Cotton, and Walk in the Woods.  I also loved the glittery appeal of Birthday Cake but had to draw the line somewhere ;); maybe after I use these up eh?  Ohhh, there were so many good scents to choose from!  Where do I begin, I thought?  They also stock other popular brands like Pacifica, Tokyo Milk, etc.  Plus they had a large buffet bar against the back wall with a colorful array of freshly-made sugar scrubs mmmmm!  You don’t have to necessarily visit Cape May either to experience A Place on Earth (just click on the top link or to the left; each will take you to a different site)…  love online shopping! =)

*Photocredit: A Place on Earth @


My Renewed Love of Incense

When I think of incense, I’m transported back to the boardwalk of Seaside Heights, New Jersey and the like.  I know, not your typical religious temple or exotic, mysterious, dimly lit setting with Persian rugs…

My favorite brands are Nag Champa, Nippon Kodo, and Song of India Temple (here I’m inserting a shameless plug for a new friend’s eBay store, Etsy shop, and website, The Meditation Hut- Katrina’s an amazing person!)  I don’t discriminate between stick or cone incense.  They are all truly wonderful!  I love to watch the smoke rising, curling, swirling, dancing about!  Just mesmerizing.  It’s also the perfect moment to play a guided meditation or instrumental yogi music.  Just shut your eyes and let your worldly cares sail away…

I wholeheartedly welcome some brand recommendations =).  Please share your thoughts!  I would love to try Satya Sai Baba, Wildberry, and InScent someday.

Oh, also check out Gamillah Boutique!

*Photocredit: Gatti at HubPages.


Luscious Candles by Himalayan Trading Post

I ventured back into a local gift shop recently, post-yoga practice, already knowing what I wanted to purchase even before setting foot onto its front steps…  A child-like excitement over their gorgeous Himalayan Trading Post hand-poured soy wax blend candles; the Anise & Black Pepper and Apple Cinnamon to be precise.  I’m saving the Apple Cinnamon until the onset of autumn =)…  Something special to look forward to…  I love the aromas, the consistently even and clean burn that soy candles are known for, and the reusable container (which the shop owner didn’t fail to highlight).  Yes, this beautiful mercury glass container can be re-used over and over with a favorite votive or tea light to your heart’s content!  Place it on a desk, table, nightstand, mantle, shelf, to brighten up any space.  Don’t just take my word for it… happy shopping!

P.S. I’m enjoying the delicious scent of HTP’s Bourbon Vanilla at this very moment.  Planning to also buy a second Bourbon Vanilla as a gift to a very lucky relative.


Pressed Leaves Aromatherapy Diffuser

I missed out on this pretty Gaiam aromatherapy diffuser =(.  I believe at one point it was part of a lovely tea set and then was sold separately.  Just waited too long and forgot all about it.  Such is the mind that’s filled with so many trivial preoccupations.  Below is a product description as was seen on the Gaiam website…

“A product that gives back…  Handmade ivory celadon pottery from Thailand’s Chiang Mai region is gently shaped into an aromatherapy diffuser. Decorated with a raintree leaf under crackled, lead-free glaze.  Thailand.”

*Photocredit: Gaiam

A Penchant for Candles

Here are my top picks for candles with enduring fragrance and beautiful presentation:

Slatkin & Co. (carried by high-end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue)
Altru Gamillah (
Voluspa (
Lollia (

I also love artisan-made soy candles a lot especially because they burn cleanly and don’t leave any residue. My fave scent is clean cotton.

The Twig Tapers by Cody Foster are almost too lovely to burn.

What are your favorites?

*Photocredit: Voluspa & Cody Foster