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Target & Bed Bath & Beyond Bedroom

Over the years I’ve learned that merely a change of curtains or an update to bedding (linens, comforter, duvet) can bring bigger welcome changes to one’s room than one would imagine.  If you are on a tight budget or find it inconvenient to have your bedroom painted, give these two simple things a try first.  My favorite sateen or Egyptian cotton bedding is from Bed Bath & Beyond.  Even my husband recognizes the importance of investing in good, comfortable sheets ;) ; afterall, a big chunk of one’s life is spent sleeping so might-as-well happily hunker down.  I’m also quite smitten with Target’s Simply Shabby Chic Cozy Blanket, Threshold Medallion Reversible Quilt (love those reversible quilts!), Simply Shabby Chic Bramble Duvet Set or the like, Xhilaration Comforter Sets, to name a few.  I recently purchased the SS Candy Floral linen set and can’t wait to dress the bed with it!

*Photocredit: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Other






Faery Fanaticism

My faery fanaticism began with a book recommendation from my friend, Sylvia.  She suggested none-other-than Signe Pike’s amazing book, Faery Tale.  Following this was Grasslands Road’s fairy homes set, fairy-themed garden decorations, and other great books by Brian Froud.  I will admit several years ago I fell in love with Cicely Mary Barker’s Fairyopolis and How to Find Flower Fairies, which I discovered accidentally during a search on an unrelated topic.  Even as an adult I love pop-up books!  This year I received a beautiful fairy & flower bird feeder/bath for my birthday from my mother-in-law.  I unwrapped it immediately upon its arrival on my doorstep, quickly assembled it,  and placed it straightaway in my perennial garden.  Every morning I see it from my bedroom window and I imagine my garden faeries are pleased with it too.

*Photocredit: Amazon & Grassland Roads


Cotswold Dream Cottage

What a sweet little cottage decoration to add a touch of the English countryside to your garden!  It’s crafted by American artisans and hand-cast using a fiber reinforced concrete which is expected to be able to endure virtually any climate.  It even has a removable roof; just darling =).  One word of warning, it’s a hefty $305.00 =(.  I hope there’s a sale soon.  Charleston Gardens also has many other versions of this charming cottage…

*Photocredit: Charleston Gardens


Two Holiday Favorites… Kinkade & Redlin Arts

Card-writing has become just a little bit more fun with my discoveries of Thomas Kinkade and Terry Redlin… along with those classic jingles, a mug of warm spicy tea, candlelight, and a large table to spread out and work.  I really envy their artistic skills!  Have you seen how gorgeous Kinkade’s and Redlin’s cards are?  Now that I found them, I wouldn’t dream of sending out anything else; though I might allow for a few exceptions ;).

I’ve been sending Kinkade cards to family and close friends for a few years now.  This Christmas I received a card from my favorite aunt (she’s been very kind to me over the years).  It was none other than Terry Redlin’s “Evening Frost.”  Glitter and an equally beautiful coordinating envelope!  That’s it!  I had to set out to find it and found it, I have!  I’m stocking up for next year.  Maybe this will in-turn inspire another =).

*Photocredit: Thomas Kinkade & Terry Redlin

Lights in the Night

I hope all of you have been enjoying your holidays.  They’re not over yet…  Though this is the Christmas season, I’d like to backtrack and post on some cute little Hallow’s Eve items I bought previously in the beginning of October created by Midwest*CBK.  An inexpensive way to spruce up a room during the holidays, be it Christmas or Halloween, are with the use of these darling nightlights.  One of my nephew’s stocking stuffers was an adorable snowman nightlight (showcasing several colors, one melting into the other) I picked up at CVS for just $4.99!  I love CBK’s mosaic apple and pumpkin (holds a flicker bulb) lights!  Christmas and Halloween are not just for kids ;)…

*Photocredit: Midwest*CBK

Lisa Carrier’s Gorgeous Photo Frames

Oh I adore Lisa Carrier’s photo frames!  I own a Silver Feather and Starlet, both 3x4s.  I Facebooked her recently and she informed me that her photo frame collection along with other “LCD objects” will be available via catalog by this September!  I’m so excited to see more designs!  Jay Strongwater, Michael Aram, D.L. & Co., and Lisa Carrier has got to be my top four favorite artisans out there!

*Photocredit: One Kings Lane



Luscious Candles by Himalayan Trading Post

I ventured back into a local gift shop recently, post-yoga practice, already knowing what I wanted to purchase even before setting foot onto its front steps…  A child-like excitement over their gorgeous Himalayan Trading Post hand-poured soy wax blend candles; the Anise & Black Pepper and Apple Cinnamon to be precise.  I’m saving the Apple Cinnamon until the onset of autumn =)…  Something special to look forward to…  I love the aromas, the consistently even and clean burn that soy candles are known for, and the reusable container (which the shop owner didn’t fail to highlight).  Yes, this beautiful mercury glass container can be re-used over and over with a favorite votive or tea light to your heart’s content!  Place it on a desk, table, nightstand, mantle, shelf, to brighten up any space.  Don’t just take my word for it… happy shopping!

P.S. I’m enjoying the delicious scent of HTP’s Bourbon Vanilla at this very moment.  Planning to also buy a second Bourbon Vanilla as a gift to a very lucky relative.


West Elm

I love browsing through West Elm’s catalog!  There’s always something of interest, whether furniture or an accessory.  I especially like their Queen Anne’s Lace printed panel in platinum.  Just wish it was offered in more colors.  I have a bathroom project in mind but wish they offered this same pattern against a spring green background; that would have been perfect for me.  Oh well; it’s still very pretty though.

*Photocredit: West Elm


*Follow Up:  Upon further search, I found something both lovely (perfect colors) and very affordable at