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Mineral Fusion Cosmetics

If you are ever in Mrs. Greens or Whole Foods and are looking for a great cosmetics company, please give Mineral Fusion a try.  So far I have purchased their eyeshadow trio in Fragile and 3 of their Sheer Moisture Lip Tints in Glisten (my favorite), Blush, and Flicker.

I bought Fragile from Mrs. Greens (might have seen it at Whole Foods too) and really love that it goes on smoothly, the color pay-off and lasting power is quite good.  I’d definitely re-purchase this since it’s a great neutral trio to have and plan to buy this product in some of the other colors.  It’s nice for travel due to its compact size.  If you are wondering about the packaging of their products, I would say it’s reasonably good quality, feels relatively sturdy, has a transparent lid (helps you to easily see what you are looking for as you dig through your makeup; I’m not a fan of opaque covers), and I love the touch of micro glitter embedded throughout the earthy tan bottom of the compact I have.

Around the time I bought their jumbo lip pencils, I was also really into Bite Beauty’s jumbo lip pencils and wanted to do a comparison.  Both goes on smooth and are very moisturizing.  On occasion I have chapped lips and prefer using a moisturizing lipstick, lip pencil, or gloss over applying a lip balm then a color product… most times the application ends in disappointment when the color doesn’t deposit well.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there’s a slight sweet flavoring to this product.  I often wonder about such things since I’m sensitive to scents and can be very particular about it.  I wish more reviewers would include such details in all their product reviews but very few do :(.  BTW, if I ever forget, please don’t be afraid to ask.  My favorite is the scent of MAC’s lipsticks I must admit.

I recommend MF’s products :).  Also, best of all there’s no testing on animals!  I’m under the impression that not all of their products are vegan.  It’s best to call or email them if you want to make sure of this.

*Photocredit: Mineral Fusion

mineral fusion eyeshadow trio fragile mineral fusion sheer moisture lip tint glisten

FACE Stockholm

Years ago I was exploring as much of Soho as I could fit after work (yipeee for retail therapy!) and before having to go home to start dinner… my first of many Manhattan shopping adventures…  I found their cute little boutique sandwiched in-between Anya Hindmarch’s and Anna Sui’s.  I fell in love with their eyeshadows and one of their nude lipsticks (named Nouveau?) and for the first time did a continuous repurchase of that same color every time I ran out because the formula was so satiny smooth and this particular color was so flattering on me…  Totally unprecedented!  Since I feel that they are a great company largely overshadowed by some other cosmetic brands but well-deserving of special recognition, I’m featuring them on my blog today.

*Photocredit: FACE Stockholm


My Favorite Cosmetic Brushes: Sigma Beauty

Soft, durable, least shedding bristles, overall sleek design, grabs just the right amount of pigment whether natural or synthetic fiber [though this depends on you too ;)], fairly affordable (great investment), and easy to clean… these are all the things I love about my Sigma Beauty brushes :).  I have two of their sets (use them daily for nearly 4 years), their full-size and travel-size; it’s ideal to have two different sizes.  My only small qualm is with their eyeshadow brush (Pencil E30) which I use for the outer corners of my eyes; personally I would benefit from a smaller, stiffer brush since I don’t have the deepest creases.  Most people don’t have to be concerned with this…  To be fair, I may not be using the best brush for what I’m trying to achieve so I’ll have to look into another Sigma brush.  Honestly they are the best brushes I’ve ever owned and trust me, I’ve owned a good number of them from many well-known brands.

*Photocredit: Sigma Beauty


The Vintage Beauty

For a long time I believed red lipstick simply looked awful on me.  One day, I was inspired by CamiLovesKiwi on You Tube to give reds another try.  At first I wasn’t used to the bold look of red on me, even with very minimal eye makeup minus winged liner, so I quickly gave up and went back to wearing mostly light to medium neutrals…  I continued to hide within my “safe” colors.  I finally learned that if I wanted to get comfortable with pulling off bold shades like reds and corals, it’s best to stick with it for even a little while ;); afterall, there’s a shade out there for everyone…  just takes a bit of patience to find it.

A few years later and most recently I discovered Besame Cosmetics because of You Tube Chrissstttiiine‘s Lipstick Collection video.  Since I love vintage glamour and retro looks, I was easily seduced by their Noir Red 1930, Merlot 1933, and Red Velvet 1946.  I love their attention to detail, whether the gold packaging with pretty chrysanthemum motif or whistle-shaped lipsticks!  Great formula too!  So give them a try!  Mwahhh ♥

*Photocredit: Besame Cosmetics

Third Time’s The Charm: Origins

I first tried an Origins product years ago; I believe it was a small bottle of milky makeup remover.  It was okay but didn’t leave a huge impression on me.  A few years later I was dorming at college and found out that one of my suitemates was an Origins fanatic.  Had I liked her personality more, I would have given Origins more of a chance back then (sad to say but true).  A few years ago, I bought a big pump bottle of their A Perfect World serum with White Tea along with a couple of eyeshadows and a lipstick.  I liked all of them just fine but somehow I still wasn’t in love with their products.  A few months ago I re-visited that same Origins store at Grand Central Terminal and fell in love with their Checks & Balances frothy face wash, Modern Friction exfoliator/gentle dermabrasion, Clear Improvement charcoal mask to clear pores, and GinZing eye cream to brighten and depuff.  One word of warning, Modern Friction can irritate your eyes so be very careful when you use it.  I haven’t used GinZing as consistently as I should so I can’t accurately review this product yet.  I do love all four thus far.  I have not purchased anything from their current makeup line so I cannot comment at this time.  The only thing I tested was a tinted moisturizer and a peachy pink blush (which I liked both but didn’t buy since I don’t need to replenish any cosmetics just yet).  Origins can be generous with samples so if you are interested in trying any of their products, I would ask for a sample before committing to a full size product (which is what I did before buying two of my full-sizes).  I would really love to go back to the GCT store for a free facial.  I think it would be a lot of fun to try more of their other products.  Another thing I love about Origins is they do offer some of their popular skincare staples in travel sizes.  Their logo is so pretty too!  I always notice the little things.

*Photocredit: Origins


And Then There Was… Bronnley…

I’m still in love with the scent of oranges even though autumn is fast approaching and we’re entering into the world of creamy pumpkin scents (don’t get me wrong, I love those too!).  All through summer, my search had led me to Pacifica’s Tuscan Blood Orange & Nerola Orange Blossom, Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine, Mor’s Neroli Clementine, and now finally to Bronnley’s Orange & Jasmine (purchased at the NY Botanical Garden).  They are all such yummy scents and I can’t get enough of them =)!

*Photocredit: Pacifica, Neiman Marcus, Mor Cosmetics, Bronnley UK



My Top Cosmetic Highlighters

Although I use MAC’s Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt nearly daily, I also like NARS’ Albatross and Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strip.  Since using Whisper of Gilt, I’ve grown very fond of cream formulas, much more so than in the past.  Many light gold, pale pink, and shimmery ivory creams may make great highlighters as well; you’ll have to judge for yourself the perfect shade for you.  Also check out good alternatives at E.L.F like their Studio Shimmer Palette.  I don’t recommend stocking up on cream products (unless you use them daily) because they expire much more quickly than powder-based cosmetics…  A tough lesson I’ve had to learn when it came to my NARS cream shadows =(.  Also, store your all makeup in a cool dry place taking care to avoid places such as bathrooms, non-temp. controlled basements, or unfinished attics.

*Photocredit: MAC, NARS, Physician’s Formula

Top 10 Favorite Blushes

My top 10 Blushes in no particular order…

1. NARS Lovejoy

2. NARS Orgasm/Elf Blushed (in duo palette)

3. NARS Oasis

4. NARS Sin

5. MAC Sunbasque

6. MAC Springsheen

7. Elf Berry Merry

8. Guerlain Terracotta 02 Sun Kissed

9. Guerlain Mosaic Bronzer as blush

10. The Balm’s Cabana Boy

*Honorary mention: Vincent Longo Canyon Light Duo

I find that bronzy-peachy tones look best on me.  All the blushes I’ve listed have amazing staying power throughout the day even without any setting spray.  Also, for many of these colors, a little goes a long way.  My skin tone is a MAC Matchmaster 2.0 and I’m guessing I’m also a MAC NC25.  I also love experimenting with reddish and purpley blushes e.g. MAC Hidden Treasure and MAC Breezy as well.  There are so many awesome pink blushes out there, both drug store and higher-end! =)

What are your favorite blushes?  Do tell!

*Photocredit: Various Sources e.g. MAC, NARS, E.L.F.

Primitive Natural Makeup: Lipsticks

My recent visit to Mrs. Green’s Natural Market brought me also to the cosmetic/toiletries aisle.  Was really shopping for daikon and almond milk though ;).  Besides carrying the wonderful PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics, they also carry an awesome new brand, Primitive Natural Makeup.  I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to test their lipsticks; I was solo on this shopping trip and could take my time.  I tested their Sahara lipstick and loved the color and color pay-off; also the scent is pleasantly sugary, reminding me of MAC lipsticks.  I did end up buying Sahara (to replace a beloved rosy toned Christian Dior; yes, you heard me correctly) but wouldn’t mind going back for a few others next time.  I have my eyes on Corsica and Martinique!

Pros: Smooth application, pleasant sugary scent (sugar/butter cookies), non-drying to lips, decent wear time, good color pay-off (ever so slightly sheer as far as Sahara goes, others to be seen), great selection of colors which would  flatter most skin tones.

Semi-Cons (if even): Slightly pricy at $17.50 but worth the price for its nice quality, not the most interesting packaging (but I personally don’t care about this).

PNM’s lipsticks impressed me enough to want to give their other products a chance so I hope you will explore their website or visit one of their stockists.

*Photocredit: Primitive Natural Makeup