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A New Season of Hallmark Keepsakes

Here’s another mini haul during Christmas in July ;).  I picked up three to add to my collection while wandering around New Jersey’s Preakness Shopping Center: Eighth in the Series: 2017 Candied Christmas Rose from Hallmark’s annual cupcake collection (please see my Hallmark cupcake ornament post for more information), *Photocredit: Hallmark Floral Birdhouse by Edythe …

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Lush Cosmetics’ Facial Masks

I’ve tried a few of Lush’s face masks and really love them!  These are the ones I’ve tried for my combination, mildly sensitive skin (recommended via a Lush consult)… Cupcake: Great for oily or spotty skin. Catastrophe Cosmetic: A blueberry infused maintenance mask. Love Lettuce: Balancing mask for all skin types. BB Seaweed: A gentle …

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Hallmark Limited Edition Ornaments

I’ve been trying to wrap up my stocking-stuffer shopping for this year at Hallmark and Pier 1.  I have many people to shop for.  I found this sweet little 2011 limited edition cupcake ornament at my local Hallmark and discovered that they began their holiday cupcake series last year.  I was off to search on …