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Piercing Pagoda

I finally worked up the courage a few of months ago to get a second set of piercings so I could finally wear studs and hoops.  “Courage”; since I had bad memories from when I was nine and received piercings for the first time which hurt terribly for a week (kept me up at night).  I visited Piercing Pagoda at Danbury Mall, Connecticut on a whim after my first horseback riding lesson.  Hey, I was on a roll crossing off things on my Feed Bucket List ;).  I was inspired, thanks to my friend, Domino.  I was second on line to receive the piercings; the previous customer was a poor inconsolable little girl.  Since they needed more time to calm her, I decided to display shop.  Piercing Pagoda has so much lovely jewelry to choose from!  It wasn’t easy narrowing my choice of hoops down to the earrings I bought.  I finally decided on a beautiful gold twisted style pair (similar to the sterling silver ones pictured).

*Photocredit: Piercing Pagoda



London Accessorize Haul

One night after a nice dinner at The Platform Bar & Restaurant in London (which I highly recommend), my husband and I walked across to admire the beautiful view at the promenade.  Unexpected to me, sandwiched in-between was a large shopping arcade.  I peeked into the store’s windows wishing the shops were still open (Boots, a cute British bookstore, clothing boutiques, and Accessorize).  The next morning was a race to reach Coventry at a decent time so it would not have worked out =(.  I also didn’t want to seem petty and kept quiet about this; after all we were on holiday, not a shopping expedition.  I knew that the last leg of our trip would bring us back to London before our flight home.  I secretly hoped that we could visit this arcade again and felt that if this was meant to be, it would happen.   My wish came true when my husband announced he wanted to tour the HMS Belfast (which was practically paces away).  Accessorize, as its name implies, is an accessories shop similar to our Claire’s or The Icing in the United States or New York with equally charming and inexpensive bits and baubles.  My husband didn’t have to mention it twice when we walked by that day so I raced in.  These were my loveliest of finds…

*Photocredit: NYCupcake via iPhone 4

*Haul pictures to post soon!  Check back please!

Isharya Accessories

Really terrific mixed media. These wood and metal accessories make a nice combo. They are more of “casual dress” items for me but I do suppose one can dress them up by pairing them with a solid black dress. There’s also a pretty collection of turquoise jewelry by Isharya. I’m very particular about turquoise jewelry especially since I’ve seen a lot of tacky ones that don’t bring out the unique beauty of this stone. I used to wear more bracelets than I do know. I lost a custom bracelet my parents gave me when I was in my teens. We searched everywhere for it to no avail =(. To this day, I still feel really bad about it.

*Photocredit: Gilt