Piercing Pagoda

I finally worked up the courage a few of months ago to get a second set of piercings so I could finally wear studs and hoops.  “Courage”; since I had bad memories from when I was nine and received piercings for the first time which hurt terribly for a week (kept me up at night).  I visited Piercing Pagoda at Danbury Mall, Connecticut on a whim after my first horseback riding lesson.  Hey, I was on a roll crossing off things on my Feed Bucket List ;).  I was inspired, thanks to my friend, Domino.  I was second on line to receive the piercings; the previous customer was a poor inconsolable little girl.  Since they needed more time to calm her, I decided to display shop.  Piercing Pagoda has so much lovely jewelry to choose from!  It wasn’t easy narrowing my choice of hoops down to the earrings I bought.  I finally decided on a beautiful gold twisted style pair (similar to the sterling silver ones pictured).

*Photocredit: Piercing Pagoda



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