Captain Neo a.k.a Captain Smith from B.A.R.C. (b. April 18, 1997? – d. July 15, 2009)

I was sick in bed May, 2004 with a cold. Not tired enough to fall back asleep, I decided to browse online. My husband may have forwarded me a link to or I may have found it on my own. I also looked through Some of the pet stories I read drove me to tears, especially those of animal abuse and abandonment…

A wonderful friendship starts here……..

(This is an excerpt of a letter written on April 18, 2004 to relatives)

We then returned to B.A.R.C. which we visited the previous day. A familiar face greeted us near the door. His name is Captain Smith (a seal point siamese mix cat). He lives up to that title by marching up and down the aisle greeting the other residents. I took a fancy to him even the day before. I wish I could care for more cats but know I can only handle one at this point considering that we also have Calvin (our tuxedo cat). Captain Smith had followed us for part of our visit and was very sweet and friendly. I could almost imagine him saying, “why don’t you adopt me?” as I looked down at him. He had a sad and vulnerable look on his face, which emulated through his beautiful big “meezer” blue eyes.

Was I imagining this? Possibly? My husband and I then left B.A.R.C. to eat lunch at a local park to think things through… Was Captain Smith the one? The more I thought about it, the more I realized “of course he is!” I wanted to rescue this cat so badly and give him a good home! Since the shelter hours were limited, we had to act quickly. We had to be well prepared for this adoption, so I went to the pet supply store and I bought the necessities. It was forty-five minutes before the store closing. I called B.A.R.C. about my decision as we were driving back so they would wait for us and start getting things ready. The process seemed so spontaneous in certain ways. I bet Captain Smith thought he would never see us again and that it would be another dreary day and night being sick in the loft and unloved by a family. The adoption process went pretty smoothly. All in all, it was a very good day for Neo and me!

Today, he is Captain Neo (Neo for short) and is snoring away, lying behind me on my chair as I’m typing this letter. I’m trying very hard not to chuckle aloud since he looks so adorable. He has had a very long day and so have I. He really needed medical attention due mainly to a bad cat cold. I decided to take him to a clinic a few blocks away from home the very next day and was fortunate to get an appointment with a very pleasant and attentive vet. She prescribed antibiotics to treat his cold. Otherwise, the vet said overall everything looked “okay”, so I was somewhat relieved. Under much supervision over these past few weeks, Calvin and Neo are slowly being introduced to one another. Calvin is still forming some opinions on this new visitor. As always, hoping to have more interesting updates…

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Update: Posted August 5, 2009

Neo passed away early morning July 15, 2009 after a long struggle with many health issues. I took him outside onto the patio. He was cradled in his blankets. I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before bringing him to the local crematory. It was one of the saddest days of my life. His fur was so soft; softer than it had ever been in the years he lived with us. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the day was- mildly warm, sunny skies with wisps of cirrus clouds, and gentle breezes. I wish we could have enjoyed it together. I prayed for him; something I hadn’t done for years.

Neo had a heart of gold and was a pure soul. There are few humans and creatures alike that could be described as such. Many people complimented on his outer beauty/handsomeness but few were blessed to know his inner beauty. He was a friend to all, be they human, dog, or fellow cat; familiar or guest. He was my first baby boy and my entire world. My emotions hung on his every happiness. Neo will be forever remembered and loved. Every moment with him was truly golden.

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