Stella was born on March 15, 2006 into a litter of one brother and five sisters. Stella’s mom, Babe, is a brown short-haired chihuahua with black markings. Stella’s dad, Buddy, is a red long-haired chihuahua with a white patch underneath. She has her mom’s looks with just a hint of her dad. Stella is both sweet and saucy at times. I’m convinced that the world is good, beautiful, and magical every time I look at her lovely little face.  It’s pretty obvious that she is my muse as well as being part of our brand’s namesake.

Stella and her adopted feline brothers:

Calvin The Wonder Cat (a black and white/tuxedo domestic short-hair)
Captain Neo (a Siamese mix)
Jakob Emerson (black domestic short-hair)
Outlaw Pete (brown tabby)

…..Please view their pages!

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