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The Habe Travel Makeup Bag

I bought a Habe travel makeup bag from as a gift recently for my mother and she loved it.  Had I not already owned a similar case from years ago, I would have bought another for myself.  You can see for yourself how much it can hold and the variety of items you can store.  It’s perfect for those of you who tend to pack on the heavier or more prepared side, just so you don’t have to limit yourself too much ;).  The dimensions for the large case is listed as 11.4 in x 7.5 in x 3.9 in.  Since my purchase, they are currently also offering an extra large version which measures 16 in x 12 in x 5 in.

*Photo Credit:

It’s High Tea Time!

I had long dreamed of having High Tea at a special place like New York Hudson Valley’s The Equus, so when Valentine’s Day had rolled around (this was a few years back) and I learned that my husband was bringing us there for afternoon tea, I was none-other-than ecstatic!  The following is most likely what we had ordered…  mind you it has been some time…  a nice assortment of lovely teas and delicious little tea cakes, scones (served warm and frosted in powdered sugar with the choice of clotted cream & fruit preserves), and toasted curry chicken sandwiches.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  Every tea lover should try this once in their life…  even if it’s simply planning a quaint little tea party at home and extending an invitation to a few good friends- this would be a darling thing to do, by the way, so don’t just write it off.

Our recent Cape May excursion allowed for another similar treat of afternoon tea at the Carriage House Cafe & Tea Room located on the grounds of the 1879 Emlen Physick Estate.  I ordered egg salad with chives on swirled rye and shared the assorted scones & tea breads accompanied with clotted cream with my husband.  My tea of choice was Harney & Sons’ Vervaine Lemon Verbena (I highly recommend).  It was a perfect sunny, gently breezy day and I was so happy to be there; just the night before we took a trolley ride around the Emlen Physick Estate on the Ghosts of Cape May Trolley Tours, which I also highly recommend!..  Think darkened magical streets and flickering gas lamps… let your imagination run wild ;)!  As an aside, for our next Cape May visit, this sounds great too -> The Walking Ghost Tour.

P.S. Cucumber or watercress sandwiches with cream cheese are among my favorite tea-time helpings.  Searching for great menu ideas?   I recently found a wealth of info at Linda A. Thompson’s Blog.

*Photocredit: The Equus, New York and Carriage House Cafe & Tearoom, New Jersey


carriage house cafe & tearoom

On Holiday with Vera Bradley’s Grand Traveler & Weekender

Recently my husband and I traveled to England and Wales.  I brought my Vera Bradley Viva La Vera Weekender as my carry-on and really loved this bag for its generous pockets and ease of carrying.  It kept all my belongings well organized and nicely accessible;  with the added plus of being made with cheery patterned, soft but thick quilted fabric reminding me of the comforts of home (think quilted-comforter).  I’m also very interested in the Grand Traveler in Folkloric for a short domestic getaway.  Other great prints include the Watercolors, Happy Snails, Mocha Rouge, Sittin in a Tree, Deco Daisy, and retired Peacock (which can still be found on e.g. eBay and perhaps other places if you looked hard enough).

*Photocredit: Vera Bradley

Le Clic Disc Film Camera

I have happy memories of owning the 1980s Le Clic camera.  It was my first ever camera and therefore the specialness of it.  Mine was a very pretty bubblegum pink which my dad bought for me as a birthday present (to take on our family trip to California).  We were most certainly going to Disneyland and I wanted to capture the highlights, especially the day parades =).  I only had a week to familiarize myself with this camera.  The pictures it took exceeded my expectations.

*Photocredit: Beth Schaleben, Show & Tell Blog & eBay

*A picture I took with the Le Clic to follow =)*

Dreaming About A Romantic Getaway…

Last year DH, Stella, and I journeyed to Nantucket via a car ride to Cape Cod then a fairly relaxed ferry ride there the next morning. We stayed in a cute B&B in Eastham, Cape Cod. We visited Nantucket for several hours and left about 4 pm. I was very happy we got to take a bus tour and I learned a lot about Nantucket’s history and nuances. The weather was inclement that day.

I’ve fantasized about staying on Nantucket ever since I laid eyes on it. Everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime. I’ve made two visits there so far. The first was a girl’s getaway with a graduate school friend of mine. We stayed in two hotels located in Orleans, Cape Cod for a week and signed up for a ferry package which included stops at both Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Nantucket is my favorite and is so beautiful and serene. In general, I love places with harbors. Next time I would like to visit their museum and then go for a spa treatment. There are also some pet-friendly accommodations and activities. Probably better if the pet is small, like our purse dog. She was inconspicuous to most people =).

Anyway, the bottom line is- you must go! Tell me the pics below aren’t TDF?!

*Photocredit: White Elephant Hotel, Nantucket & Ruelala

Tsunami & Peruvian Connection

Several years ago my husband and I visited an alpaca farm in Cambridge, Vermont. They are darling animals and probably my favorite (although dogs, cats, horses, koala bears, seals, rabbits, and dolphins) are really not that much further behind. We were told that since alpacas are so trusting and vulnerable, they are provided with llamas to guard them. I was warned that a certain special alpaca, named Tsunami, would not be shy at all to approach me. He was strangely friendly and we were practically nose-to-nose. We took a picture together (apologies; I must find it so I can post it). Not my best pic but Tsunami looked great. He was so sweet- they all were. They’re very graceful, gentle, curious creatures. I love them =). Sometimes I fantasize about owning an alpaca farm upon retirement. Tsunami is from–> If you are near Cambridge, Vermont, do go and visit.

Regarding Peruvian Connection; it’s a wonderful company specializing in luxury alpaca wool products. Here are some of my recent faves pictured below.

*Photocredit: Peruvian Connection & Island Alpaca Company on Martha’s Vineyard

Vis-A-Vis on Nantucket

There’s a very charming and posh mid-size boutique on the main strip of Nantucket. They sell gorgeous vermeil jewelry as well as estate pieces, besides every other article of fashion imaginable.

34 Main Street
Nantucket, MA 02554

It’s just one ferry ride away. If you are ever in the area, go in and browse…..

*Photocredit: Vis-A-Vis