Dreaming About A Romantic Getaway…

Last year DH, Stella, and I journeyed to Nantucket via a car ride to Cape Cod then a fairly relaxed ferry ride there the next morning. We stayed in a cute B&B in Eastham, Cape Cod. We visited Nantucket for several hours and left about 4 pm. I was very happy we got to take a bus tour and I learned a lot about Nantucket’s history and nuances. The weather was inclement that day.

I’ve fantasized about staying on Nantucket ever since I laid eyes on it. Everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime. I’ve made two visits there so far. The first was a girl’s getaway with a graduate school friend of mine. We stayed in two hotels located in Orleans, Cape Cod for a week and signed up for a ferry package which included stops at both Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Nantucket is my favorite and is so beautiful and serene. In general, I love places with harbors. Next time I would like to visit their museum and then go for a spa treatment. There are also some pet-friendly accommodations and activities. Probably better if the pet is small, like our purse dog. She was inconspicuous to most people =).

Anyway, the bottom line is- you must go! Tell me the pics below aren’t TDF?!

*Photocredit: White Elephant Hotel, Nantucket & Ruelala

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