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First Attempt at Quiche Lorraine

This is my first attempt at making quiche. The recipe was pretty simple with easy to find ingredients. I really didn’t have to buy much this time. Recipe source: I’m normally not a bacon lover but this quiche was very tasty.

Glad to know based on what I’ve read from Alice Water’s The Art of Simple Food, that my pantry is basically well stocked minus risotto or polenta (though white rice probably counts). I’ve always wondered what a well stocked pantry should contain for starters. Of course, your family’s and cultural influences may play a big part in what’s important for you to include on this list. I’m fascinated to know what special treats people may keep in their pantry and why (especially those items not considered as basic pantry stock). Write me! I’m a little nosy :)… My decadent treat is condensed milk and I love love love tea of every kind- but especially green tea & brown rice, white chrysanthemum with honey, jasmine, and India Estate teas.

For now, I’m probably armed with the best cookbooks. You don’t necessarily need a library’s worth of cookbooks to make regular family meals. After seeing the movie Julie & Julia last night I’d like to make Child’s Beef Bourguignon along with Raspberry Bavarian Cream dessert. Before this little venture, I’m planning to make Braised Chicken Legs on egg noodles and sauteed fennel. I’ve made the Orange and Olive Salad last night from the aforementioned book and it was sooooo good! I lit up knowing that I had the ingredients at hand to make this on a whim.

Why this growing interest in culinary delights in this stage of my life?.. Contribute to all-around self-improvement… that if I’m to cook for an hour or two most days, I should make the most of my time… Oh, read some great books, try some new recipes with diligence and accuracy, learn along the way from my fizzles and small victories, and progress to the point where I can vary some recipes with confidence and customize it to my or my taster’s liking… The bigger picture… get the most out of life, what it has to offer, and never take things for granted (no more shoveling down food).

With this, I will close this post with a pic of Water’s book, my Quiche Lorraine, and a promise to share more photos of my gastronomic pursuits…

*Photocredit: Amazon

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